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More than 70,000 people listen to Franklin Graham in the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Photo Graham Facebook.

Franklin Graham preaches to large crowd in South Korea on anniversary of father’s historic visit

A half-century ago, Billy Graham led a powerful outreach in Seoul, South Korea. Last weekend, his son Franklin did the same. A crowd of about 70,000 people overflowed the Seoul World Cup Stadium for his sermon.

Graham’s address occurred on a significant day, mirroring an event that drew 1.1 million people to Yoido Plaza on June 3, 1973. Known as Billy Graham’s largest crusade, most attendees made the journey on foot, showing an extraordinary devotion and eagerness to engage with the spiritual message. The Korean churches and Dr. Billy Kim, the pastor who translated for Billy Graham during the original 1973 outreach, extended the invitation to Franklin Graham. The event sought to offer solace and inspiration, echoing the profound effect of the original gathering.

“Korea has changed so much in 50 years,” Franklin Graham told the crowd. “The world has changed, but God’s love for you has not changed. God made you, he created you and he loves you. He sent his son Jesus Christ to save you from your sins. If you’re willing to accept that by faith, believe in his name and turn from your sins, your soul will be safe and secure in his hands for eternity.”

Graham expressed his deep honor and humility at being part of this monumental occasion, highlighting his father’s lasting impact on Korean churches and the role the 1973 crusade played in his personal spiritual development.

“The last time my father saw Dr. Billy Kim, he told him, ‘Let’s have one more crusade in Korea,’” Graham told the crowd. “I love the people of Korea. This is a strong and beautiful country, and the people are so sincere and generous. They have always made me feel right at home, and I am looking forward to being with the people of this nation. I’m coming to Seoul at a time that has been difficult for many people. The pandemic was very challenging. People need to know there is hope. So many are anxious about the future and don’t know where to turn. I want them to know that God has a plan and a purpose for our lives.”

On Friday, Franklin Graham’s son, Will Graham, addressed a youth rally at SaRang Church that drew 6,500 people.

Graham has also been to North Korea.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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