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Dave Chappelle under fire for comments.

Israel–Hamas News Update: Dave Chappelle under fire; poison gas and more

Metro Voice is providing a regular update on the situation in Israel as it prepares for a ground invasion to destroy Hamas. Our goal is to bring you the most important news of the day. Today’s news is about comments by Dave Chappelle, poison gas instructions and reporters getting sick after watching Hamas video of atrocities.

Hamas had instructions for using poison gas on

Israeli security forces found instructions for producing cyanide gas on the body of one of the Hamas terrorists who participated in the Oct. 7 attacks, Israeli President Isaac Herzog revealed.

Speaking with Sky News, Herzog said that troops found a USB flash drive with instructions for preparing a device to disperse the poisonous gas, once used for mass murder in Nazi gas chambers.

“This is material that was found on the body of one of those sadistic villains. It’s Al-Qaeda material, official Al-Qaeda material,” Herzog told the British TV network.

Late last week, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s weapons of mass destruction non-proliferation department informed embassies around the world of “Hamas’s intention to use chemical weapons” in a classified cable, according to Axios.

The cable instructed ambassadors to share the file with their host governments privately. “This discovery indicates that Hamas intended to use chemical warfare agents as part of its series of terrorist operations against the civilian population,” read the warning. –JNS

Israel’s Ministry of Tourism reaches out to past tourists

The Israel Ministry of Tourism has asked those to have previously toured Israel to stand firm with them.

“These have been difficult days for Israel, the bright light during these days has been the messages of support and solidarity from the Christian community. We are grateful for the unwavering support,” a letter reads.

It asks past travelers to pray and to serve as an ambassador within your family, church and broader community.

It ends by saying the best thing Israel supporters can do is to actually visit in the future.

Make a commitment to come to Israel with your congregations as soon as things have settled down. “Your support makes a profound impact, it helps us to stay strong as we look forward to brighter days,” it concludes.

Reason for ground invasion delay revealed

The IDF is delaying its ground invasion into Gaza, in agreement with America’s request to await additional US forces, Israel’s Galei Tzahal radio reported Monday.

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The report says the U.S. is concerned by Iran’s entry into the war and wants to increase its presence before Israel destroys Hamas. Experts believe that Iran’s proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, will attack from the north while Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops in Syria would attack the Golan Heights.

The Pentagon has already raised the alert level and is surging additional forces and weaponry to the area.

Comedian Dave Chappelle ripped by fans for comments

Comedian David Chappelle is being blasted on social media for his outburst last week accusing Israel, not Hamas, of war crimes. His comments came after Hamas murdered of 1,400 men, women and children October 7 and took 222 civilians hostage.

Chappelle began by criticizing corporations that are rescinding job offers to students who participated in pro-Hamas rallies.

The comments divided the audience shouting “What about Hamas?” while one told the comedian to “shut up,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Members of the audience got up and left, according to the New York Post and other media outlets.

Chappelle then criticized Israel fo bombing Hamas targets and closing its borders to Gaza, not allowing in humanitarian supplies or fuel water after Jerusalem declared war. Much of what Chappelle said was factually wrong. First, the border through which aid is delivered is controlled by Egypt and Israel only supplies 10% of the water to Gaza.

“The audience was cheering Chappelle on during his tirade. I was sick. We were sick. I turned to my friends and wife and said, ‘I think it is time to go,’” one attendee posted on social media, per the Daily Mail.

“We walked out and met up with many other Jews leaving the show. Never in my life have I felt so unsafe and so fearful of what I was witnessing.”

A spokesperson for Chappelle “denies being in Boston” that night despite numerous social media posts showing him on stage and the stop being one of his scheduled tour stops. Chappelle has not responded to numerous media requests for comments.

Reporters left sick after watching film of Hamas atrocities

Hundreds of journalists and photographers from media companies all over the world viewed a screening Monday of footage showing the horrors committed by Hamas on Oct. 7.

The footage comes from Hamas body cams, cell phones, dashcams, security cameras, and body cams of first responders and Israeli military.

The media representatives who viewed the film in a secure Tel Aviv screening room were shocked, in tears, visibly disgusted and left physically sick, according to witnesses.

The Israeli government felt forced to release the film to the press because of the denials taking place in pro-Palestinian protests, by some elected officials and by Hamas themselves.

New York Times admits it relied on Hamas for details

The New York Times has admitted it “relied too heavily on claims by Hamas” in its initial reporting blaming Israel for the Gaza hospital explosion. The newspaper’s headline read: “Israeli Strike Kills Hundreds in Hospital, Palestinians Say.”

Only after widespread condemnation did The Times release a statement on Monday, five days after running its headline.

“The Times’s initial accounts attributed the claim of Israeli responsibility to Palestinian officials and noted that the Israeli military said it was investigating the blast,” the editors’ note said.

“However, the early versions of the coverage — and the prominence it received in a headline, news alert and social media channels — relied too heavily on claims by Hamas, and did not make clear that those claims could not immediately be verified.”

Times editors also acknowledged that “the report left readers with an incorrect impression about what was known and how credible the account was.”

The Times and other media outlets initially reported the Hamas numbers which varid from 500 to over 1,000. Hamas finally settled on 471 victims though the number has not been verified. European officials put the death toll at 50, which is corroborated by video and damage reports.

These Hollywood actors demand ceasefire, don’t mention Hamas

While many actors are voicing their support for Israel against Hamas after the deadly Oct. 7 terrorist attack, some of Hollywood’s most noted liberals are already calling for a ceasefire.

Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Stipe, Jeremy Strong, Mahershala Ali, Wanda Sykes, and Alyssa Milano.

Joaquin Phoenix, Cate Blanchett, Channing Tatum, Jessica Chastain, Andrew Garfield, and Kristen Stewart are among those who penned a letter to President Joe Biden calling for a ceasefire before Israel has a chance to destroy Hamas.

While the letter talks about Israel’s targeted campaign against Hamas operatives in Gaza, it fails to mention the Hamas attacks on Israel. Those attacks killed over 1,400 Israelis –comparable to 25,000 Americans being killed in one day.

Other signatories of the letter include Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Stipe, Jeremy Strong, Mahershala Ali, Wanda Sykes, and Alyssa Milan0.

–Compiled by Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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