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Letter to Editor addresses voters

Dear Voters: You have a choice between two medical doctors when you vote for your U.S. Senator, and that should make everything OK, right?

Medical doctors are supposed to practice the Hippocratic Oath, and keep updated on medical and scientific knowledge, right?

However, in our time many doctors support abortions and make a good living from them.  After the Right to Life Walk in ClayCenter, I picked up a free tiny plastic baby with an information sheet called “Young One, 11-12 week old preborn baby” and read the baby’s development facts for weeks 1-12 from www.hh76.com.

It makes me cry to think that these tiny human beings are being butchered and sold for parts by anyone, with the blessing of other doctors, hospitals, counselors, and senate candidates. Often we hear the phrase “a woman’s right to choose” which goes along with the idea that “I can do what I want with MY body.”  That is true of diseases such as when you get a malignant tumor, cyst, parasite, etc. that is destroying your own body.

However, in the case of the conception of a baby, those promoting abortion are saying,  “I don’t want to parent this child, and I don’t want anyone else to have that opportunity either. I would rather take this thing’s life from it right now, and that is my RIGHT.”  Even though only half of each baby is the mother’s genetic contribution, we never hear about the father’s right or the grandparents’ rights. But just consider these ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC and MEDICAL FACTS we now know:

At conception the baby’s blueprint for its separate personhood is already present, even before it attaches to the wall of the womb.

During its 3rd week the baby’s sex cells form, and its sex may not be that of the mother.  How is the baby the mother’s body?

In week 5 the baby has its own face, and tiny arms and legs, and its BLOOD is now SEPARATE from the mother’s. How is this baby the mother’s body?

In week 7 the baby’s brain activity is detectable. How is that brain the mother’s body? Does the mother have 2 brains, 2 sets of arms and legs?

In week 6 the baby’s brain divides into 3 parts for emotion and language, hearing, and seeing.  Isn’t the mother’s brain already done developing these parts? How is the baby’s brain the mother’s brain?

In week 9 if the baby is prodded, it closes its hands and eyelids. Is the mother’s body controlling those movements?

Also the genitalia are now visible, which is how we can see if the baby is a boy or girl on the outside of its body.

In week 10 the baby’s fingerprints begin to form, and they are not the same fingerprints of the mother.

In week 11 the baby is practicing breathing and face expressions, including smiling.  Does the mother do these things with it because it is HER BODY?

In week 12 the baby can swallow, and feels AND responds to skin stimulation.  Does the mother tell it to swallow and feel, since it is HER BODY?

You should get the point by now, that abortion at any time is taking a life that does not belong to the mother, because it is not her body.

Her body nurtures the new life for 9 months.  When she is pregnant, it is THE BABY’S BODY growing in her body.

How can a medical doctor advocate any abortion, including the horrendous killing of a born baby?

I have heard an incredible local story of a pregnant mother told her pregnancy would kill her, who went on to give the child life anyway.  She got it right.  That person inside was allowed to experience its own life at the willing sacrifice of its mother. This is the most important and defining issue of our time for our nation.

Voters, please vote for Roger Marshall.

–Anne Clark, Morganville, KS

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