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Farmer’s Market

New website becomes Online Farmer’s Market for Kansans

In 2020, life has changed for both the farmer and the consumer. KSGrown.com was developed earlier this year out of a need to help both producers and consumers, to facilitate a direct Farm to Table experience, sort of an online Farmer’s Market. KSGrown.com has now become USAfarmtotable.com The website features products that are raised and produced locally in the USA: beef, bison/buffalo, dairy, fruits & vegetables, lamb, pork, poultry & eggs, specialty meats, honey and more.

USAfarmtotable.com functions like an online farmer’s market. The purpose of the website is to connect consumers with farmers/producers. The design of the website makes it simple to use to find the meat, produce and other specialty products that are made or grown right here in Kansas. By connecting the consumer directly to the farmer/producer, USAfarmtotable.com has shortened the supply chain and gives the consumer better nutritious options and is helping to keep the prices reasonable for the family’s food budget.

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On USAfarmtotable.com, you can find what you are looking for by using the searchable database. Use your zip code to find the farms nearest your home to shop for all the usual farmers market goods, plus specialty items like gluten-free wheat, goat soap, live animals and more.

Scott Perkins, the “Country Parson”

The new online farmers market was developed when two farm friends decided to do something about helping connect the dots directly between farm and table: Dr. Jeff Van Petten, a veterinarian at Meriden Animal Hospital in Meriden, KS, and Scott Perkins, the pastor of Heritage Country Cowboy Church in Scranton, KS. Both were raised on a farm and have a heart for the Kansas producer/farmer.

If you are in the market to buy or sell locally grown and produced products, visit the website for more information.

–Lee Hartman | Metro Voice

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