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Norwegians nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

One day after holding a historic summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Two Norwegian lawmakers – Christian Tybring-Gjedde and Per-Willy Amundsen – are behind the nomination.

The men told Norwegian news agency NTB that Trump “had taken a huge and important step in the direction of the disarmament, peace and reconciliation between North and South Korea.”

Denuclearization talks with North Korea have only just begun, and experts say a long and complicated process is still ahead, but most observers are celebrating the historic meeting.

If the negotiations over the next few months are successful as well, in outlining the details, the result will ultimately lead to the official end of America’s longest war. The benefit to the world economy would also be great as resources in eastern Asia would be diverted to economic policies rather than defense from the North Korean threat.

The news comes after a group of US lawmakers also sent a letter to the Nobel Committee nominating the president for the prestigious award, citing his efforts to disarm North Korea.

Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN) and 17 other GOP House members said in their submission, “We can think of no one more deserving of the Committee’s recognition in 2019 than President Trump for his tireless work to bring peace to our world.”

South Korean President Moon Jae-in also said in April that Trump is worthy of the Nobel prize for jump-starting the peace talks with North Korea.

The process of consideration for the award takes place in Norway. The Associated Press reports that Norwegian Nobel Committee itself will not publicly comment on who was nominated for the Nobel as such information is required to be kept secret for 50 years.

While Trump is getting praise from many sides for his efforts in North Korea, the news coverage by left-leaning media outlets has been heavily critical of his efforts.

Regardless, Trump’s approval rating is higher than that of either President Obama or Reagan at the same point in their first terms.