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Poll: Majority of voters agree with Trump, call porous border a ‘crisis’

The establishment media and elected Democrats have failed to convince the American public that mass illegal immigration, human trafficking and drug trafficking at the United States-Mexico border is a “manufactured crisis,” a new poll reveals.

The latest Quinnipiac University Poll finds that the majority of Americans agree that there is a “security crisis” at the southern border. 68% also call it a humanitarian crisis.

In total, 54 percent of Americans agree with President Trump’s assertion that the country’s porous southern border has created a “crisis” of skyrocketing illegal immigration, human trafficking and deadly drug trafficking.

Swing-voters by a majority of 54 percent say there is a crisis at the southern border, while 58 percent of American men and 50 percent of American women say the same.

The poll is a blow to the establishment media’s narrative that illegal immigration and drug trafficking are not out of control at the southern border, though federal data does not support these claims.

In her response address to Trump’s Oval Office address on immigration, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed the president was “manufacturing a crisis” at the southern border.

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza — whose 32-year-old son, Arizona officer Brandon Mendoza was killed by an illegal alien — blasted Pelosi and the media narrative.

“You will never know how hurtful that is to every one of us Angel Families who have been fighting this,” Mendoza said of the “manufactured crisis” claims. “It’s basically a slap in our face and a kick to our loved ones’ graves. A manufactured crisis — it’s unbelievable they can even come up with these words.”

Currently, the federal government has remained partially shut down as House Democrats block any funding for physical barriers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

President Donald Trump has said he is reviewing a plan to deem the border and illegal immigration a national emergency in order to fund a barrier along the southern border.

Border-crossings in November 2018 — the last month where data is available — hit close to 52,000, marking the highest level of illegal immigration in the month of November since 2006. Projections indicate that illegal immigration for next year will reach 600,000 border crossings, the highest level of illegal immigration in more than a decade. Meanwhile, drug overdoses in 2017 killed an unprecedented 72,287 U.S. residents, nearly three times the number of individuals killed by global terrorism. Nearly 50,000 of those deadly overdoses were caused by either heroin or fentanyl.


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