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Sarah Huckabee Sanders encourages Christians to prayerfully consider COVID-19 vaccinations

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former press secretary to President Trump and current gubernatorial candidate in Arkansas, said she was vaccinated against COVID-19 and encourages others to consider doing the same.

In an op-ed in the “Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,” she condemned the “misinformation thrown at me by politicians and the media,” all of which made it more difficult to make a decision on whether to get vaccinated.

“What I found was simple,” Sanders wrote. “Dr. Fauci and the ‘because science says so’ crowd of arrogant, condescending politicians and bureaucrats were wrong about more than their mandates and shutdowns that have inflicted incalculable harm on our people and economy. They also misjudged the Trump vaccine plan, which rolled out just as safely, quickly and effectively as the Trump administration promised.”

Huckabee Sanders said she ultimately made the decision to get the inoculation based on the advice of her doctor.

“I determined that the benefits of getting vaccinated outweighed any potential risks,” she wrote. “I was also reassured after President Trump and his family were vaccinated. If getting vaccinated was safe enough for them, I felt it was safe enough for me. It was heartbreaking to witness men and women break down and cry with fear they would lose everything, It’s something I never want to experience again. I believe the Trump vaccine will help keep our state open for business and our economy growing.”

Although Huckabee Sanders said she believes in freedom and personal responsibility, she hopes people will consider the rising number of COVID-19 cases as they think about getting inoculated against the virus. At the end of her column, she asked readers who haven’t received a vaccination to pray about it and consult their doctors on the issue.

“So to anyone still considering the merits of vaccination,” Sanders wrote, “I leave you with this encouragement: Pray about it, discuss it with your family and your doctor. Filter out the noise and fear-mongering and condescension, and make the best, most informed decision you can that helps your family, community and our great state be its very best.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice