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Tear down the tax wall

The role of government is to maintain an environment for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and not to manage the economy not continue an unproductive tax wall.

The best government can do is take from some and give to others, picking winners and losers.  Government is not a producer of wealth and jobs that creates a bigger tax base and higher standard of living.  More government is not the solution to the problems caused by government.

Passage of the 16th Amendment, creating the Federal Reserve and Roosevelt’s Square Deal are causes of the problems, as they interjected socialism and politics into the science of economics, the allocation of goods and services.

The unintended consequences of socialism are more government, an elitist ruling class, inequalities, corruption and a dead-end road for the country.  Socialism is a problem maker and not a problem solver, a wealth consumer and not a wealth creator.

The solution for the working class is to “Tear down the wall of the income/payroll tax system and repeal the 16th Amendment.”  End direct taxation along with the IRS, income tax, payroll taxes and tax withholding.  Renew our lost civil rights, freedom and liberty.

Stop using the tax system to divide us into classes.  Remove the taxes on jobs and production (income, savings and investment) as these are what create wealth and a higher standard of living for all.

The present income/payroll tax system hurts the working class by eroding the individual liberties of self-interest, division of labor and freedom of trade.  Reject politics from the science of economics.

The solution is the FAIRtax bill HR 25.  Once you understand the FAIRtax you will demand it! Learn more at bigsolution.org.


  • Paul Livingston