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After three scans, KC family has identical triplets

A “one in million” set of identical triplets have been born in Kansas City.

Baby boys Ron, Elkanah and Abishai Choge were born just minutes apart to parents Nicole and Caleb Choge last week at Truman Medical Center.

The infants, ranging in weight from 3.4 pounds to 4.5 pounds, were born at 34 weeks–a month and a half early. They are currently being treated in the NICU. The Choges were originally told they were having twins.

“I was excited. I was quite excited actually,” Caleb Choge told KMBC. “She was unsure that she could carry them, but she was very excited.”

The Choges moved to the Kansas City area in December 2017 to be near Nicole’s parents after living for three years in Kenya, Caleb’s home country.

The couple met while Caleb was training to be a pilot at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. Nicole was visiting a mutual friend when they met. They married and lived in Kenya for three years where Caleb worked as a pilot.

After a first ultrasound revealed they were having triplets, they decided to get a second opinion and then a third.

“We had a scan in Kenya and they found twins the first time. We went a second time to be sure and they found triplets,” Caleb said. “We came to the States to get a third opinion to be sure.”

” I was anxious because that’s a lot of babies in one go,” Choge said.

Dr. Danielle Reed is a neonatologist helping the three young preemies.

“It’s very rare,” she said. “I mean they’re only a couple days old, but so far so good. They’re really lucky.”

The boys were six weeks early.

“I was scared,” Choge said. “I was scared how it would turn out because at that point, you have the wife of my life and the life of my three boys.”

His wife Nicole decided against a cesarean section.

“That’s such a rarity with multiple births,” Reed said.

The boys are named Ron, Elkanah and Abishai and they’re tough to tell apart.

“We’re trying to figure out how we’ll do it,” Choge said. “Maybe we’ll paint the nails blue green and yellow.”

Now the family is focused on the future.

“As a dad, I have to think about how to feed my people,” he said.

They’ve started a GoFundMe page to help with the surprise costs.

They’re also thinking about how to fit all their new car seats next to that of their 2-year-old son.

“I always said I’d never get a van,” Choge said. “But I think this is a humbling experience.”

Nicole has been released from the hospital, but the three boys are expected to stay for another week or two.

“We know it will work out. We are not anxious. Things will work out and we will be with our boys and be able to care for them,” Caleb said.

Doctors say the Choges may be able to take at least two of the triplets home in the coming days.

“It’s very encouraging to see how they are progressing. They seem to be ticking all the boxes to be ready to come with us,” Caleb said.

“We were hoping for a second child,” Caleb added. “I prayed, my wife prayed and our son Corban prayed. God answered all three of our prayers.”