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“Throwed Rolls” Causes Food Fight

An iconic Southern Missouri Restaurant is under fire–over tossed food.

If you’ve ever driven through the Ozarks you can’t miss one restaurant’s signs, menu, advertising and local lore clearly stating it is “The Home of the Throwed Rolls,” but that’s not stopping one woman from starting her own food fight. She claims she suffered injuries at Lambert’s Café, a popular stop for locals and tourists alike. The offending weapon? A warm and delectable piece of puffy delight known as the dinner roll.

Troy Tucker is suing the restaurant with claims she “sustained a lacerated cornea with a vitreous detachment and all head, neck, eyes and vision were severely damaged” after being hit by a dinner roll during a visit in September of 2014.

Tucker is seeking $25,000 to cover for her medical bills and legal fees. The law suit claims that the restaurant should’ve known about the dangers involved in their practice, which Tucker’s attorney called a “defective condition” of the restaurant.

Lambert's Cafe is beloved for one menu item over all others--its "throwed rolls".

Lambert’s Cafe is beloved for one menu item over all others–its “throwed rolls”.

Lambert’s general manager, Jerry Johnson, told KFVS-TV that the server did not toss the roll in malice and that no one has sued the eatery for being hit by a roll.

Tucker may have difficulty winning the lawsuit as she entered the establishment, knowing the rolls would be thrown.

Observers point out that ‘Home of Throwed Rolls’ is posted all over, which could mean Lambert’s diners assume they are putting themselves at risk of being hit by a flying roll, upon entering the establishment.

This isn’t the first lawsuit over flying food in the “Show Me State.” Last year the Missouri Supreme Court ruled in favor of a plaintiff claiming injury from a another culinary attack–a hot dog tossed by the Kansas City Royal’s mascot, Sluggerrr.

–By Dwight Widaman