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Tonight’s Concert Aims to “Put Joy Back Into Music”

Phelps Will Appear at Graceway as Part of His “Classic Tour”

By Dan Jeanes | Metro Voice Music Editor

David Phelps is a man many have come to know as the current tenor for the Gaither Vocal Band, and for good reason. Phelps has a vocal range not common, including an ability to maintain a tessitura (Italian for “texture”) for long periods of time. He also has a recognizably beautiful timbre that blends nicely with the other gentlemen singing with the Gaither Vocal Band.

Phelps ClassicPhelps will bring his popular style of Christian music to Kansas City tonight, appearing in concert at Graceway Church, 5460 Blue Ridge Cutoff in Kansas City. Tkcets are available at www.davidphelps.com or at the door.

Phelps also has had a career highlighting his solo work. Hoping to get working on his eleventh solo album this year, not including live recordings, Phelps is currently on tour, supporting his Classics album released a few years ago. The Classics tour will be coming to Kansas City in March and Metro Voice got a chance to chat with David Phelps about the tour, his music and his family.

“I grew up singing with my family. I learned singing was a way to express my faith,” Phelps said, “we travelled around a lot.”

Now, he says, the tradition continues.

“My daughters sing with me [on tour],” noting that there is a recording of his then-14 year-old daughter singing ‘Agnes Dei’ on Youtube.

My cousin is our manager; my sister [Kari Lee] plays trumpet with us.” David’s other sister, Sherri Deinise Phelps Proctor, also sang with him over a fifteen year period, before losing her battle with cancer almost two years ago.

“My family was pretty eclectic in their music,” he continued, noting that, along with gospel and hymns, the family would often listen to such bands as Journey and Queen while travelling. Phelps mentions they enjoyed a variety of musical styles, but also appreciated the creativity and variety that could often come from one artist or band. “My son says ‘I don’t like country music,’ so I’ve been trying to introduce him to some different music; he’s a big Queen fan right now.”

As for his time with the Gaithers through the years?

“It’s been a dream to work with Bill and Gloria. I have often felt like they are the teachers… and I consider myself the student.” When asked what some of the differences between singing with the Gaithers and working on his solo work, he says that Bill is in charge of what the Vocal Band does, and he’s perfectly happy to follow Bill’s lead. As for his solo work, “my music might tend to go in a more modern direction. There’s a lot of joy in it!”

Phelps latest endeavor, The Classic tour and album, has been a sort of tribute to his influences and inspirations. “The Classics album was a collection of songs that are more established songs, including

-‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ ‘What a wonderful World,’ as well as some operatic classics, and a few I’ve written that have lasted.” The tour, likewise, will be a celebration of all of the grand opportunities that he has enjoyed with his musical talent. “I’ve performed at the Sydney Opera House and performed in the White House; it’s been a pretty great ride.”

As much as a “great ride,” however, Phelps says he doesn’t get much time to enjoy the cities he visits on tour.

“We usually drive in, sleep, rehearse, perform, and move on…”

Here’s to hoping KC can give him a memorable welcome!

For more information, to purchase tickets to the March 7 performance, and to find out about his upcoming shows, please visit www.davidphelps.com or by calling 855-223-1008.



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