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Whitefield, ranked number 1 in Kansas City

Whitefield Academy, Kansas City’s premiere classical Christian school, is consistently ranked as the metro’s number one Christian school.

Offering Kinder Prep through 12th grade, our mission is to equip students to be critical thinkers, clear communicators, and compassionate leaders, through the pursuit of academic excellence, in the tradition of classical Christian education.

We believe that Christian education is about forming the soul and cultivating hearts that love what is good. In addition to chapel and Bible class, our approach infuses Bible centered truth into every subject throughout the day. Whitefield’s outstanding teachers educate the whole person, caring for each child’s heart and fostering a life-long love of learning.

The Whitefield classical curriculum meets children at their developmental level, beginning with the grammar stage, moving to the logic stage (7th & 8th grades), and culminating with the rhetoric stage (9th-12th grades). Classrooms are places of wonder, wisdom, conversation, creativity, and community. Students read great books, take class trips around the city and country, use limited technology in proper context, and are given ample time for recess and physical activity.

Along with academics, we prioritize involvement in the fine arts, foreign and classical language. Theatre, vocal music, drawing, painting, ceramics, and physical education are all included in our core curriculum.

Our athletics program includes basketball, volleyball, soccer, rowing, and golf opportunities. We are proud of the Whitefield rowing team for advancing to the US Rowing Youth National Championship in both 2022 and 2023!

At Whitefield Academy, students learn with academic excellence in a supportive, grace-filled culture that develops character and servant hearts. They interact with students from across the Kansas City metro and form lifetime bonds with their classmates.

We’d love to show you why parents speak so highly of our school. Contact Heidi Skinner hskinner@whitefieldacademy.org to schedule your campus tour today!

Visit our website today: whitefieldacademykc.org


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