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Whoopi Goldberg says VP Pence needs to show more respect to North Korea

Whoopi Goldberg is saying crazy things again. And this time it is connected to the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The co-host of The View is apparently beside herself that pro-life Vice President Mike Pence reportedly did not show the kind of respect to the Communist nation of North Korea that she believes is due.

Never mind that North Korea is a bastion of human rights abuses. From curtailing the rights of women to disrespecting the rights of religious minorities to forcing women to have abortions, North Korea is not the kind of nation that deserves any respect nor should it be emulated by any of the nations participating in the Winter Olympics.

Still. Here’s the latest craziness from Goldberg and her friends at The View:

Monday on ABC’s The View, liberal co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar called Vice President Mike Pence a hypocrite for sitting down while North Korean athletes marched into the stadium at the Olympic Games this weekend. Whoopi complained that Pence didn’t not show North Korea their due “respect,” while Hostin compared Pence’s actions to the NFL anthem protests.

After explaining what Pence did, co-host Sunny Hostin sneered that Pence was being a hypocrite, since he famously walked out of a football game last year after NFL players kneeled during the National Anthem.

“I thought that Mike Pence said that it was inappropriate to make political statements at sporting events?” Hostin said sarcastically. “Wasn’t he that guy who walked out of the football game because people were kneeling and not standing?” she added, condescendingly.

Whoopi took Hostin’s approach one step further, saying that the U.S. had to be “respectful” to North Korea.

“We have to be respectful because what we do know about politicians is they end up sitting with people that you and I say well, why are they sitting with them? So if you’re in Korea, you need to stand up. You need to stand up and show respect!” she argued.

After the table briefly talked about how both Koreas joined together to march under the unification flag, Whoopi charged the VP for not recognizing that action as a “good thing,” again urging the U.S. to “respect” the totalitarian regime.

“He should have given enough — had enough respect to say you know what, maybe they are doing a good thing for themselves and maybe we can sit down with them at some point, but you can’t have it both ways,” Whoopi claimed.

Naturally, Whoopi and her friends ignored the human rights abuses in North Kora of the kind LifeNews has reported which are vastly outlined by organizations on both the left and right–even the United Nations.

Last year, a human trafficking victim from North Korea described the horrifying torture that she and her unborn baby suffered under the communist regime. Ji Hyeon-A recently told the United Nations that she was forced to abort her unborn baby without pain medication, fed rotten food and beaten repeatedly in a North Korean detention center.