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6 Questions with Stefen Wisniewski

In his childhood, Stefen Wisniewski experienced the power of Jesus Christ through his family and the passion of sports through football. As a Christ-follower, Wisniewski has developed his relationship with God as his NFL career has progressed. He has become one of the most versatile offensive linemen for the Philadelphia Eagles while being one of the most vocal on the team expressing his faith.

Name: Stefen Wisniewski
Born: March 22, 1989
Hometown: Pittsburgh
College: Penn State
Position: Guard/Center
Philadelphia Eagles (2016-Present)
Jacksonville Jaguars (2015)
Oakland Raiders (2014-11)

  1. My favorite Bible verse is:Ephesians 2:10. We are what God does. He’s constantly working on us, constantly shaping us and He does it through our life circumstances and our relationships. It’s a lifelong process. I love that.
  2. The person who had the greatest spiritual impact on me is: my father, Leo, because he was an awesome example of a Godly man throughout my life. I definitely would not have the faith I do today if it wasn’t for my father.
  3. I intentionally bring Jesus into my games by: praying a lot before every game. I really feel that gives me a great sense of peace. During competition, just saying a short prayer to reset my mind on God. Always making sure to thank Him after the game for watching over me and for all that He did for me during that game.
  4. Being a Christ-follower means: learning and obeying all of the teachings of Jesus, the ones that are easy to do and the ones that are hard to do.
  5. 5If I wasn’t a professional football player, I would be: a high school teacher and football coach because it’s a great opportunity to share Christ as a way to minister to kids.
  6. One piece of spiritual advice I’d share with kids: is to memorize Scripture. Every day in our life is a spiritual battle. Knowing God’s Word is our weapon in this battle.

This story first appeared in FCA Magazine – www.fca.org


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