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dress for timmy
Shefflorn Ballantyne fought Amazon's censorship of his book and won.

Amazon changes course again, will ban ‘No Dress for Timmy’

[Editor’s note: as of 1/28/2019, Amazon has again banned the book.]

Amazon, the retailing giant that will sell just about anything, has backed down and will sell a children’s book titled, “NO DRESS FOR TIMMY.”

The book, by Christian author Shefflorn Ballantyne from the small island nation of St. Vincent, was banned within hours of its release from the online retailer in July but is now back on sale at Amazon.

Amazon was pressured to remove the book by a group known as Family Rhetoric which is run by Amber Leventry. A review of her Facebook page reveals she’s an LGBT activist who says that males can have periods and advocates for the sexualization of children. She also believes that LGBT rights should supersede the rights of parents and Christians.

The author of the book says it is “an exciting story of a little boy who found himself in a perplexing situation where he was forced to choose between speaking the truth and cheering on a friend who thinks of himself as a girl.”

dress for timmy“The 34-page hardcover book is beautifully illustrated, showing how timidity changes to courage as Timmy takes a stance for the truth and pays dearly for it. The book introduces Christian principles to preserve all children — here [in St. Vincent] and across the globe,” states Ballantyne. “It is perfect for children 4 to 9 years old, though any age will enjoy the story.”

The author also says that the book is a “must have” and encourages parents to get a copy.

“Your child will learn that speaking the truth is kindness and the friendliest thing to do even if he or she is persecuted for it. This is a real measure of strength for boys and girls when they are not in your immediate presence. Every child should get one,” Ballantyne says.

The book is in no way hateful, it simply gives a different view, a biological view, and a biblical view of how God created man and woman.

Ballytine announced this week that Amazon has backed down from the censorship.

Across the nation and world, retailers like Amazon are being lobbied by radical groups to censor pro-family, Christian and even medical material that questions the legitimacy of gender transition or ‘dysphoria’ as it is referred to by psychiatric publications.

You can click this Amazon link to pick up your copy of No Dress for Timmy. If the link doesn’t work, the book is now available at the author’s website www.shefflornballantyne.com, where you can also sign a petition against Amazon.