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C5Alive Luncheons to feature Barry Feaker, Lamar Hunt, Jr., Cody Foster and more

Barry Feaker

The next monthly C5Alive “POWER Luncheon” will be held Aug. 9, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Avondale East, 455 SE Golf Park Blvd., and will feature Barry Feaker of TRM Ministries. Feaker is the Executive Director of Topeka Rescue Mission, and is also an active leader in the NETReach program, Safe Streets, and Freedon Now program to combat sex trafficking.

Upcoming luncheons, which are always open to the public, will feature Josh Jones of Advisors Excel, Lamar Hunt, Jr., and Cody Foster of the Cyrus Hotel being built in downtown Topeka.

The cost to attend the luncheons is $10 for C5Alive members and first-time guests who RSVP, and $12 at the door. Non-members and other guests pay $15. C5 luncheons are open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend, organizers said.  RSVPs and inquiries can be sent to info@C5Alive.org.

Josh Jones

The Sep. 13 POWER Luncheon will feature Josh Jones of Advisors Excel. The venue for this event has not yet been confirmed.

The annual “Pastors Appreciation Luncheon” will be held Oct. 11 at Great Overland Station. Featured speaker will be Lamar Hunt, Jr. Members and guests are invited to bring their pastors. All pastors are welcome and will be prayed over, as well as treated to lunch and a gift bag of items donated by C5 members.

Lamar Hunt, Jr.

Cody Foster has been rescheduled to speak at the March, 2019 luncheon. Current plans are for Foster to host the event at the Advisors Excel facility at 29th & Fairlawn. More details will be announced later about this event.

Cody Foster

C5Alive is an organization founded in 2009, dedicated to developing and uniting Christian Leadership in the community, involving businesses, non-profits and churches.

In addition to monthly “POWER” luncheons held on the second Thursday of each month, C5 also hosts periodic business fairs and other events, including the annual Topeka Easter Parade and Family Fun Fest, held on N. Kansas Avenue and in Garfield Park on the day before Easter.

C5 members may also sponsor luncheons and other events as a way to promote their organizations.  For more information about C5, go to C5Alive.org, facebook.com/C5Alive, or call 785-640-6399.


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