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CNN blunders into 2018 with a new name for abortion

CNN has come up with a new name for abortion and gets a lesson in American civics.

News Analysis By Dwight Widaman

If it couldn’t get any worse for CNN, the self described “most trusted name in news,” it did this week. The left of center network has a new name for abortions specifically targeting preborn girls: “sex-selection operations.”

In a January 30 report on India’s growing gender gap, the network talked about the country’s 63 million “missing” girls.

“The preference for boys and the availability of sex-selective operations, although illegal in India, means there’s a gender gap,” stated the report by Euan McKirdy.

But pro-life advocates say that the euphemism hides the reality that preborn girls are being eliminated by abortion on a massive scale simply because they are female, what amounts to “gendercide.”

“Euphemisms hide reality,” said the American Orthodox Institute’s Fr. Johannes Jacobse. “Sex is not really being ‘selected.’ A boy or girl is being destroyed.”

CNN expert doesn’t know national motto

If that weren’t bad enough, the network may need a refresher course in American civics. CNN’s Political analyst Brian Karem, hired last summer as an “expert” has rewritten American history and our currency.

In President’s Trumps widely applauded State of the Union speech last week, the president reminded the nation that, “in America, we know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the center of the American life. Our motto is ‘In God we trust.’”

Karem immediately got to tweeting a direct rebuttal to Trump, “Our motto is ‘in God we trust.’ – WRONG. Our motto has been E Pluribus Unum – out of many One”.

Karem is in good company for getting it wrong. In 2010 then President Obama also contended that our national motto was E Pluribus Unum.

Karem, like Obama, was swiftly reminded of basic civics 101. “In God We Trust” is the official national motto of the United States and has been since 1956. Prior to 1956, there was no official motto until “In God We Trust” was codified into law by the 84th Congress.

After Obama’s blunder, Congress once again passed in 2010, almost unanimously, a motion declaring that yes our motto still is “In God We Trust.”