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Commentator Ben Shapiro shares several practical ways to assist Israel

Ben Shapiro, a commentator, author and Orthodox Jew, returned home from Israel the day before the horrific attacks on Israel.

“Jew hatred exists because evil exists,” he said on his radio program. “Because there are people who have, for literally all of human history, hated the Jews and sought to strike at them while they are weak, who have blamed the Jews for their own problems, who have crafted complex conspiracy theories about the supposed power of the Jews, who have sought to destroy, to murder, to mutilate, to rape the Jews, from Pharaoh to Haman and from Hitler to Hamas.”

For many, the atrocities have been difficult to comprehend.

The Israeli government this week, which is still attempting to identify hundreds of victims, says 80% of them were tortured by Hamas before their deaths. Children were forced to watch their parents being shot or butchered before they themselves were killed. Women and girls were raped in front of their families. Children were shot in front of their siblings. Babies were burned alive in their cribs. It was the largest one-day massacre of Jews since the waning days of World War II.

The attacks, which left at least 1,400 Israelis dead, have united Israel, which just a few weeks ago was racked by huge protests over political reforms.

The violent attacks by Hamas on civilians Oct. 7 have left many Christians asking how they can help Israel. Shapiro recommended five practical ways.

  • He explained that people need Kevlar and helmets in Israel and are short of basic supplies. Shapiro pointed to Friends of the IDF, a group that supports the Israel Defense Forces, as a resource for those needs at www.fidf.org.
  • Next, Shapiro mentioned the Magen David Adom, which is the equivalent of the Red Cross In Israel. Contributions can be made at www.afmda.org/.
  • “They need armored ambulances, because the Hamas terrorists, Islamic Jihad — all these terrorist groups — they shoot in ambulances because this is what they do,” he said “Again, the world’s most evil people. You should check out israelrescue.org, which is United Hatzalah. Again, they are an emergency medical response service and help dedicate emergency medical response vehicles that can get places very, very quickly. They’ve got good emergency response time, and they need your help.”
  • Shapiro also mentioned the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, whom he said “are doing good work as well.” Their website is www.ifcj.org.
  • Finally, Shapiro directed listeners to the Ari Fuld Project. “Ari Fuld was a Jew who was murdered for the crime of being a Jew,” he said. “He was defending other people, and he stopped a terrorist but died in the attempt. The website www.arifuld.org/donate/is providing all sorts of resources to soldiers who are about to go in into battle.”

Editor’s note: While the Biden administration is committed to additional funding for Israel to help confront Hamas, the public has also been generous. The Jewish Federation alone says they have raised more than $388 million. Christians can show their support by also donating.

You can donate at jfeds.org/SupportIsrael, or find your local Federation here.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice


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