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Day of prayer for Christian schools planned for February 23

Hundreds of Christian schools around the world will join in celebrating the fourth annual ACSI Day of Prayer on February 23.

The day of prayer is one of ACSI’s most popular events focusing on advancing Christ-centered education through prayer. Schools can participate by submitting their prayer requests through the electronic form, which allows requests to be visible publicly on the ACSI website. They also can host an in-house day of prayer with their school communities.

Download the Prayer Guide Here.

“There’s no doubt that this school year has been unique and often challenging, but God desires for His people to flourish despite the surrounding circumstances,” said Larry Taylor, president of the association.

The theme for this year is “Flourish,” inspired by the research-validated ACSI Flourishing School Culture Model. Prayer times will be focused on the model’s five domains: purpose, relationships, teaching and learning, expertise and resources, and well-being. According to submitted prayer requests, schools from more than 50 countries, including China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Egypt, plan to participate.

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One of the foundational verses for this initiative is James 3:4. Taylor said this verse serves as a reminder that even though a ship is large and driven by strong winds, it’s truly steered by a small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go.

“At ACSI, we believe a biblically-based philosophy of education is the rudder to disciple the hearts and minds of the next generation, and a foundational component to discipleship is the spiritual discipline of prayer,” he said.

ACSI is providing several Day of Prayer resources for schools, including a prayer guide packed with creative ideas about how they can make the day special. To learn more, visit the website https://www.acsi.org/day-of-prayer or contact the ACSI Care Team by calling (800)367-0798 or emailing careteam@acsi.org.