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Metaxas. Photo: Gage Skidmore. Wikimedia.

Eric Metaxas says pastors “silent in the face of evil”

Author and talk-show host Eric Metaxas is urging leaders to speak up against the evil in today’s world

“There are many pastors and Christian leaders being silent in the face of evil today,” he says. “They are not all consciously working for the devil; they are, nonetheless, effectively working for the devil because they are unaware that what they’re doing is not what God calls his church to do.”

Metaxas draws from both history and the Bible to highlight the need for the church to speak out against societal evils. “There are all kinds of figures from history and in the scripture who understand that, ‘My duty is to God, and if that makes me unpopular, if that makes me attacked, who cares?’” he said.

According to Metaxas, the church’s silence on critical issues effectively aids the forces of evil. He makes sobering parallels between the modern church and the German church of the 1930s in which “pastors were somehow fooled into buying the idea that we’re not supposed to go against the governing authorities.”

“What the German church did in the ’30s, they had no idea that they were getting this stuff wrong,” he said. “They had all kinds of theological reasons why they thought it was good not to comment on politics. We now see what the results were. It was a nightmare out of the pit of hell. The evil that was unleashed because of the silence of the German church is part of the ugliest history imaginable.”

Pastors are called to speak out on all issues that affect human lives and dignity. “You have an obligation to speak truth on these issues,” he told the Christian Post. “So any pastor that has his head in the sand on these issues, God will hold him responsible. Historically, when the Church has drifted along with culture, it has gone dramatically badly. The issues are always different issues, but the results are always the same, and the guilt is always the same. God wants us to be alive to what is happening.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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