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Kevin and Sam Sorbo.

Expert encourages parents who fear failure as they begin homeschooling

Students are not the only ones feeling nervous as schools reopen. Many parents also may question themselves as they try homeschooling for the first time.

Sam Sorbo offers encouraging words in an episode of “School’s Out” titled “Fear of Failure.” “You can do this, even if you lack the ‘credentials,’” she says.

She said that standing out from the crowd should not be feared, it should be admired, saying that the lack of forgiving our cancel culture has embraced is wrong and dangerous. “We want our kids to excel, do we not? Yet we enroll them in a system that reinforces compliance and conformity.”


Sorbo, who is married to actor Kevin Sorbo, encourages parents to acknowledge the sense of adventure in standing away from the crowd. She points out that homeschooling participation has more than doubled in the past year, meaning that parents really are not so alone after all.

She encourages parents to ask themselves, “What are you truly afraid of? Is that fear justified? Do you have the ability to read, write, reason? Do you have any accomplishments to your name? Did you believe the lie that you are incompetent because the teacher said so? Will you admit that you personally have something to offer, or are you designed to be superfluous?”

“This entire miracle of a country was founded by homeschooled individuals, self-taught individuals, intellectual giants who still by today’s standards were absolute geniuses,” Sorbo said. . “For them, the Bible, history and commonsense were all they needed.”

Sorbo ended by telling parents to pursue what they want for their children without being hindered by fear. “Everything carries risk, but life is meant to be an adventure,” she said. “Aren’t you tired of being told not to try out of fear of failure? Quiet that voice in your head.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice