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Forget crime, KC Police go after dinosaurs

Kansas City police, never at a loss for crime to stop, are focusing on Sunday’s “Dino” or Dinosaur March through The Plaza.

The second annual parade of people dressed in dinosaur costumes was shut down by police and, amazingly, is under review for criminal charges.

Parade organizer Jacob Honnold says police will send him a ticket for his role in organizing the light-hearted parade which brought some unique holiday cheer to tourists and residents who happened to witness the event.

Honnold estimated between 100 and 120 people dressed as dinosaurs (think Barney) came for the event. They rampaged, uh, marched, for about 25 minutes before police ordered them to stop.

Kansas City Police are saying the parade spilled into the street but bystanders say the crowds on the Plaza over the weekend were already spilling onto the street as a result of unseasonably warm weather and a booming economy.

Kansas City Police spokesman Lionel Colon said in an email that pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the area was at increased capacity because of the holiday weekend, so the flash mob raised safety concerns though no actual laws may have been broken.

He says the event is under review for possible criminal charges.

Over three dozen crimes, including 9 violent assaults, were reported to the police from Sunday through Christmas Day.

No Dinos were involved in those incidents.