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Jordan Anderson with Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, says the bus was central to its ministry.

Local church searches for stolen missions trip bus

Leaders of the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in South Kansas City are asking for help in finding their charter bus, which was stolen last weekend. “Our bus was taken,” Assistant Pastor Henrry Young Jr. told Fox 4 News. “So, it was pretty devastating to see that.”

The church said this was not the first theft at the church near 83rd Street and Holmes Road. Catalytic converters have been stolen off cars in the parking lot in the past.

Broken parts of the charter bus still litter the church’s lawn, and its chain-link fence is torn apart. Although another van on the lot was untouched, thieves took a 26-passenger that often was used for mission trips. The stolen bus is white with a gray stripe, and the church’s name is printed on the side.

“It’s a resource that we use to provide for people who don’t have those same resources for transportation and things like that,” lead musician Jordan Anderson said. “So, it kind of enables us to pivot and make an adjustment, but overall we’re encouraged that something can be done still.”

Anderson said the church won’t let this get them down or stop members from a future trip planned to Tulsa. “If we have to make adjustments, we have to make adjustments,” he said.

Before the theft, the bus just got back from the repair shop. Young said a new engine and air conditioning system cost thousands of dollars. He has a message for the thieves “Whoever took it we would love to see you actually come into our church and sit in one of our services,” Young said. “God forgives.”

Anyone with information about the theft is encouraged to call the Kansas City Police Department or the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-8477.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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