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Former FBI agent who investigated Greitens pleads 5th under oath

In yet another strange turn of events in the prosecution of Governor Eric Greitens, the former FBI agent who was hired by the St. Louis Prosecutor’s office invoked the Fifth Amendment as he was questioned under oath. William Don Tisaby appeared for his deposition but refused to answer questions posed to him by Greitens’ defense team. Tisaby, who was hired as an investigator by the prosecution, has been accused by the defense of repeatedly lying.

Tisaby told the defense team he never took notes while conducting a January 29 interview with the woman Greitens was involved with.  The defense has since obtained footage of what appears to be Tisaby actually taking notes during that interview.  The prosecution has discredited the private investigator, on one occasion likening him to the bumbling Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther series.

Tisaby is being represented by attorney Jermaine Wooton, who served as the attorney for the family of Michael Brown who was fatally shot in 2015 after he accosted the officer. That incident led to the Ferguson riots.

In more strange news, during a hearing Thursday, the judge in the Greitens case also denied a request to question a witness who may have made secret payments.

Circuit Judge Rex Burlison rejected a request by the defense to allow for deposition from the state’s former Democratic Party Chairman, Roy Temple.

The defense wanted question Temple over whether he made payments to the ex-husband of the woman who had an affair with the Governor. There is evidence that the ex-husband was in contact with Democrat party officials and lobbyists in connection with making the allegations.