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FROM THE CHEAP SEATS – Is a new college football playoff system needed?

Christmas is over and that means that the college football season is just about finished as well.  Obviously, it wasn’t the type of season that we’re used to, but then again, what is normal these days? Every week there were postponed and cancelled games all across the nation.

You have to give credit to the SEC and the Big 12 for finishing their regular seasons. Sure, they cut most of their non-conference schedules, but the regular season schedules were completed and we have some sort of a playoff set.

However, that’s the problem. I don’t know about you, but I’m just about tired of seeing the same 2 to 3 teams in the playoffs every single year. I wouldn’t mind so much if more teams were involved, but when it’s Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and insert some other random power five conference team in the last slot, it’s just not fun to watch.

I understand the logistics of adding teams to the playoff mix are tough. Do we really want college teams playing three games in January before the national title game?

There are 10 conferences in college football. You have the Power Five, (Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, ACC and the SEC). Each conference champion earns an automatic bid to the playoffs. At least one spot goes to the remaining five conferences and two go to any school, regardless of conference, for three at large bids. That gives us an eight team playoff and the two teams that advance to the championship game play three games total, only one more than the current setup.

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I realize that there will always be teams left out when deciding playoffs within the NCAA model. It happens in basketball all the time. The difference between this plan and the current system is the fact that everyone has an opportunity to play for a National Championship. Some might say that everyone already does. Tell that to the University of Cincinnati Bearcats who have to settle for a Peach Bowl appearance after running the table and finishing 9-0 this year. Would the Bearcats stand a chance against the likes of Clemson and Alabama? Maybe not, but we’ll never know. At least with an eight team playoff they might get that chance. They do play Georgia in the Peach Bowl on New Year’s Day, so that might be some sort of an indicator.

Even if they don’t stand a chance, that’s not what I’m talking about. Sure, they didn’t play the schedule that the playoff teams played. Sure, they had some easier opponents but they played the schedule they were given and their players NEVER had an opportunity to make the playoffs. They won their conference and they’re playing in a New Year’s Day bowl, and those are both accomplishments worth celebrating. I just think it’s wrong for teams like them to not be able to scratch the service of the playoff system.

–Rob Mooney, Metro Voice sports writer