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FROM THE CHEAP SEATS – Things I didn’t get for Christmas

Christmas has come and gone and I have to say that it was a very good year. All six of my kids were at my home for Christmas, the first time that’s happened in probably six or seven years. My daughter-in-law, my three grandchildren and my mom were all also in attendance. Of course that meant that there were presents galore under and around the tree, and I mean way around the tree.

I realize the true meaning of Christmas and that it’s not about giving and receiving gifts, but I would have to say that everyone was pleased with the gifts they received. However, I have to admit, there were a few things lacking that I was wishing for. Here is a list of some of the things I didn’t get for Christmas.

  • A new coach and quarterback in Dallas: I know the Cowboys are currently 9-6 and have clinched the division, but I think that’s a testament to how bad the division is and not how good the team is. The Cowboys defense is rock solid but their offense is horrendous. A division title means that there will be no changes in coach or quarterback this off-season. Maybe a new offensive coordinator? I’d take that!
  • A new defense in Kansas City: We have all seen the defense that the Chiefs trot out on the field week after week and no one is impressed with it. The ONLY way the Chiefs go to the Super Bowl this season is if all of their playoff games are at Arrowhead Stadium. Even then, it’s not a forgone conclusion. Teams can and will run the ball on the Chiefs to keep their offense off the field. Sorry but the blueprint for beating the Chiefs is circulating around the NFL.
  • Nice weather and time to hit the local mountain biking trails. Believe it or not, mountain biking is alive and well in Northeast Kansas. However, at this time of the year, dirt trails are often wet due to the freeze-thaw cycle the trails experience. It seems that whenever it is dry enough to ride I don’t have the time. Trust me, I am determined to get my new Giant out on the trails more in 2019. (Ok, maybe this one is more of a resolution).
  • A bowl game for the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas State Wildcats. Neither team is bowling this year but both programs have new coaches and look like they’re heading in the right direction. I expect K-State to get to a bowl sooner than KU, but I do believe that within a few years, both programs will be much improved!
  • Tickets to a KU basketball game: I keep meaning to buy tickets to a game but I never seem to do it. Oh well, there are many more home games this year. Maybe my wife and I will have to have a date night at Allen Fieldhouse.

– Rob Mooney, Metro Voice Sports writer