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History lesson: The Great Depression, the foundation for the socialist takeover

History often repeats itself which is why Winston Churchill paraphrased the following quote to warn future generations.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -George Santayana

For this reason, History is one of the most important subjects every child should learn more so than math and science. Sadly, it is a subject to many Americans know little to nothing about, especially our own. In 2020, we are seeing a massive foundation for a repeat in history.

October 29, 1929, Black Tuesday saw the stock market crash. For weeks, stocks plummeted. This is one day that was months if not years in the making. It was inevitable because no one did anything to stop it.

Upon the crash, people who had money wanted to hold on to it. There was a run on the bank. The Federal Reserve, a group of unelected power hungry men with a socialist agenda, froze the money. This move coupled with the 90% income tax instituted by progressive Woodrow Wilson, and not the stock market crash, caused the Great Depression. This move plunged the world into poverty, disease, famine, tyranny, war, and death for the next twenty years.

Like today, America was the economic engine of the world. When the engine stopped, so too did the world. Because America had an economic depression, the world had a Great Depression.

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Throughout history, there have always been those who thrive on the misery of others. They pounce at the chance to take the people’s misery and empower themselves by promises of economic security. Once in power, they keep that power by creating a perpetual state of poverty and keeping their citizens in line with fear such as in Russia in the Bolshevik’s October Revolution of 1917.

The Great Depression saw the rise of the National Socialist Party in Germany, the Fascist Party in Italy, the Labor Party in Great Britain, and the Democrat Party in the USA while the latter two saw the rise of leftists and their takeovers inside its parties. They all had one thing in common; they were students of and believers in Marxism. They were all socialists in doctrine if not in name also.

Hitler with his oratory skills rose to the head of Germany and instituted instant change as he built the German war machine. Mussolini did likewise. In Great Britain, the Labor Party fought for appeasement. In America, FDR, who ran in opposition of Government overreach and in turn once elected pushed the socialist agenda far faster than his progressive predecessor Herbert Hoover, alongside his fellow leftists, lamented their jealousy of how both Hitler and Mussolini were so quickly able to create socialist states in their respective countries.

This is not to say that FDR was a failure. He succeeded in the next decade in instituting much of the machinery that future leftists would use to not only bankrupt our nation but further their socialist agenda. FDR’s policy not only failed to bring America out of the Great Depression, but it prolonged it purposely with a few bright spots during election season for his and the Democratic Party’s political gain. He even transformed the Supreme Court from the weakest branch of government as our Founder’s intended to one of its most powerful as he packed the court with likeminded socialists who called themselves liberals, who like FDR were in love with communism – specifically Russia with its leader Joseph Stalin.

The history of the 20th century is full of socialists and their evil machinations; but none were more prominent and more famous than Adolf Hitler. It is in Hitler and his rise we see a repeat in history about to happen. It is in Hitler’s transformation of Germany from a defeated serf into a war machine that we must focus for now.

Before we continue, in order to make sure the writer and the reader are on the same page, a socialist is a Marxist who gains power through election by the masses while a communist gains power by violent overthrow. Both are Marxist. Both institute Marxism once in power, though the socialist uses legislation and executive orders. For example, China and Russia are communist while 1930’s Germany and Italy were socialist.

Germany lost WWI. As part of their punishment, the burden of the costs of war were placed solely on Germany. Once the Depression hit the world, Germany found itself in poverty under the burden of a massive debt. POVERTY and DEBT are two of the Socialists greatest weapons to gain power for themselves.

Poverty and debt pushed the Germans into a state of great FEAR, another great weapon of the Socialist. With growing poverty and a massive burden of debt, Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party of Germany struck, promising hope with great change. A Nazi is simply a Socialist who is part of a national party.

Hitler’s solution was to turn their fear into Anger, another great Socialist weapon. He shifted the blame to one of the wealthiest sects of German people, the Jews. With his powerful oratory skill, Hitler stoked the fires of Hatred and pointed them to the Jews. To Hitler and his followers all ills could be pointed toward the Jews. Blaming a certain sect for woes caused by oneself has always been a great tool of the Socialists.

The Nazi party controlled the schools. The Nazi party controlled the media. The Nazi party controlled the scientists. The Nazi party controlled everything in Germany. Hitler controlled the Nazi Party.

First, he took away the Jews guns. Then he used propaganda, stoking German Fear followed by transforming the Fear into Anger then Hatred. The rest was easy.

Hitler then shut down Jewish businesses. Only in a Socialist country does the government decide which businesses can be opened, or in today’s terminology “essential.” He outlawed working with Jews. Only in a Socialist country does the government decide who can and can’t work or in today’s terminology “essential” and “nonessential” workers. Capitalist societies have investors, employers, employees, and entrepreneurs. Workers is Marxist terminology.

Hitler found his most ardent followers in the Hitler Youth indoctrinated in the socialist schools controlled by the Nazi party. He turned that fear and anger into the Aggression that fueled his Third Reich. Aggression is the final weapon used by Socialists to enforce their rule by Fear.

His scientists proclaimed that the Aryan race was superior. His media proclaimed it to be true because the scientists used science to back their statements. Science was the backbone of all the Nazi atrocities.

His scientists proclaimed Jews to be subhuman. No one argued. No one dared.

The police fervently enforced the law, not God’s law but that of a tyrant. The Gestapo was feared for a reason.

During the Night of the Long Lives, Hitler used his brown shirts, (many of which surprisingly were homosexuals) to kill anyone that posed a threat to him. Fear kept everyone else in check. Hitler went to war.

The Nazis moved the Jews into ghettos. They were defenseless. True, some churches and some German businessmen did their best to hide and protect some, but not enough, nowhere near enough.

The Jews lied to themselves and told themselves it was only temporary. They obeyed and followed them to Ghettos. After all, they were law abiding citizens. Then they boarded the trains. Finally they arrived at the concentration camps where the Nazis murdered six million Jews.

History repeats itself for those who have not learned its lessons. There’s a reason History is no longer taught and has been replaced with Social Studies. This way no one knows who the real Nazis are.

Trump has been called Hitler. Is he a Nazi? Has he instituted laws or executive orders that strip away personal freedoms?

Who instituted draconian measures to combat a virus that statistically is more than ten times less deadly than the flu? Who threatened churches and synagogues with fines, jail time, and permanent closure? Who chose who are the essential workers and who were not?

Who controls the media? Who controls the schools which have become leftist indoctrination centers? Who based their draconian measures on faulty models created by scientist using faulty science? Who suggested the draconian measures?

Who fights hard to not relinquish the powers gained unjustly? Who refuses to allow their citizens their God given freedoms? Who despises the Constitution and seeks to abolish it?

The answer to all these questions is not Trump. Too many politicians, such as mayors and governors, do fit as an answer to some if not all these questions. Many are closet socialist who belong to a national party. Many want to call their measures “the new normal.” Many already planned to do this again in the fall if they can get away with it.

2020 has seen an assault on religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the freedom to gather. We have seen too many police officers act as a willing Gestapo to enact the will of would be tyrants. Those police who vocally stand against these tyrants often find themselves losing their jobs.

Our Constitution guarantees all of these freedoms. So does our God. It will take the American people to stand in order for us to remain free.

Freedom, both spiritually and physically, is the most important thing our nation gives the world. When America ceases to be free, then the world will follow. Too many Americans have traded their liberty for security. Thus, as Benjamin Franklin said, they deserve neither. Our Founding Father preferred death over tyranny.

The Left mocks those who want freedom. They created the Fear over Covid-19. They created large debts with that fear. Now they plan to funnel that fear against those who love freedom.

Look at the Christians and Jews who never stopped going to church or synagogue. See how the news portrays them. The media portrays those who burn the flag or take a knee as heroes, but Christians and Jews are evil.

See how those on social media attack them for being selfish. See how the fear turns to anger, hatred, and finally aggression as they attack these places of worship and those who attend. This is not American. This is not even Christian, yet many who call themselves Christians are those who attack.

2020 is a time for choosing. Do you choose a party of tyrants (socialists)? Will you choose freedom?

–George Ismael Feliu