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Hobby Lobby responds to criticism for staying open during coronavirus crisis

The Christian-owned retailer Hobby Lobby is trusting God and taking necessary precautions during the coronavirus pandemic, CEO David Green wrote to the company’s employees.

“While we do not know for certain what the future holds or how long this disruption will last, we can all rest in knowing that God is in control,” he said. “To help ensure our company remains strong and prepared to prosper once again when this passes, we may all have to tighten our belts over the near future.”

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Atheist blogger Hemant Mehta criticized Hobby Lobby for remaining open in states that have not announced a lockdown. “The chain, owned by the evangelical Green family, is refusing to shut down no matter how much harm they could be creating for their employees and customers,” he wrote.

However, on its website, Hobby Lobby said it “continues to closely monitor the latest developments regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus to ensure we are following recommendations from health authorities. We have also proactively implemented measures to help minimize risks of shopping in our stores.”

Another crafts retailer, Michaels Stores, also remains open.

“We are taking precautionary measures to ensure that our corporate office, stores, distribution centers and other facilities minimize risks,” according to its website. “We are increasing the cleaning of cashier and framing counters, store classrooms, shopping cart handles, door handles, bathrooms, breakrooms and other high-traffic and high-touch areas. We have also developed dedicated communication channels to share information and preventative guidelines with our team members.”

Hobby Lobby also said it has “increased the frequency of store cleaning, including more cleaning of areas regularly touched by customers and employees, with anti-viral cleaning products throughout the day. If an employee is suspected of having COVID-19 based on symptoms and/or known direct or indirect exposure, we will send that employee for medical care and to self-isolate at home, and will promptly coordinate with public health officials.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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