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“I Love God More” Says Rapper Dre Tee

Dre Tee has been performing and writing music since his early teens. Originally focused on breaking into the bigtime, the Lord had different plans for him. Metro Voice recently got a chance to visit with this up-and-coming rap artist. Catching up at the great Lufti’s Fish and Soul Food, Dre Tee filled us in on his goals and some history.

“Grandpa [was] a preacher,” Dre Tee says, “[I] grew up in that type of environment.”

However, even with a strong Christian background, he says starting out as a young artist he was attracted to the industry staples of the time.

“[I] sang about girls, sex and money,” he continues, noting there wasn’t a whole lot of music he knew, at the time, speaking to his generation. His attitude, and life, changed, however. Running into a number of various life altering issues, Dre Tee realized there was more to his life and career than simply following a musical trend.

“Recently, I was car-jacked at gunpoint,” he says, recalling offering a ride to a few people he thought were friends, “I realized I need to live by His Word; be what He wants me to be.”

“I love music, but I love God more and wanted to share that with the people. I want them to see Christ in a different way,” he says. He sees what’s going on in St. Louis, Baltimore, and other places around the country and laments the racial tension. “I want people to live their life the right way.”

“Dre Tee could be the Gospel rapper in Kansas City,” says Rio Bravo, Dre Tee’s manager, “he’s that committed to what he’s doing. Dre did a few secular songs then decided to go gospel.”

Along with producer Neostar, as well as producer and engineer Nave, Dre Tee has continued putting out quality music for free download. He is currently working on his mixtape series titled “One Way 2 God”. His first release, “Dre Tee one way 2 God” as well as “Volume 2” are available now for free download on datpiff.com. Currently, he is also working on a debut EP “Use Me or Destroy Me.”

“I’ve been getting a lot of good response,” Tee says, “some constructive criticism.” Even some material he initially thought wasn’t up to his standards have become popular among listeners. “Some songs I’ve recorded I didn’t like, but friends would be responding real positively.”

While his music is important, he is committed to “totally shar[ing] my testimony.” And his story is gaining momentum. Coast2Coat Mix Tapes, one of the most downloaded releases online has recently picked up Dre Tee’s “Understand It” (produced by Neostar) to be released on an upcoming volume.

Just a note: Coast2Coast Mix Tapes is not a Christian organization, so be cautious checking out what else is being offered if sensitive to non-Christian (even potentially offensive) material. Also, we’ve had a chance to share Dre Tee’s music with friends who are not Believers, but enjoy R & B and rap music. They have given him very good reviews!

For info follow manager Rio Bravo on Twitter, @therealriobravo, and check out his tracks at Reverbnation.com/dretee.

–By Metro Voice Music Editor, DC Jeanes