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Kansas Republican lawmakers denounce New York abortion law

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” — Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, R-Shawnee, on the Senate floor quoting Martin Luther King, Jr.

Republican lawmakers in Kansas last week denounced legislation passed recently in New York that makes abortion legal right up to the moment of birth and strips even infants born alive of a right to basic medical care.

The resolution affirms that the people of Kansas seek to protect all life from the moment of conception. It further condemns the state of New York for coopting the Freedom Towers, a national symbol of Freedom, in its celebration of death—even as the preborn lives who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks are honored beneath the Tower on the September 11th Memorial.

Pilcher-Cook said the New York law is harmful to women at a time when they are especially vulnerable. She said late-term abortion is indistinguishable from infanticide.

“It’s a brutal exercise of raw power over a human life, and it is an appalling violation of justice,” Pilcher-Cook said. “This is clearly an abuse of civil rights, and New York is now steeped in depravity because of this law.”

The news across the country has shocked many. Ideas that have been previously unthinkable, like infanticide, have been discussed as normal.

“We’ve done a lot to change the law and make Kansas a better place to live and support women who are pregnant unexpectedly,” Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, said. “We condemn unequivocally the nature of the celebration of the state of New York, where they celebrate infanticide.”

Brittany Jones

Brittany Jones, Director of Advocacy for Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, issues the following statement:

“The New York abortion law is a horrific reflection on the state and its values. Even as several more states consider following New York’s lead, Kansas is proud to be a state that cherishes life and provides some of the strongest prolife protections in the county.

“These states care only about protecting abortion providers—leaving women to shoulder all of the risk of abortion with none of the regulating protections. Family Policy Alliance of Kansas and the many prolife lawmakers entrusted by voters to the legislature will continue to advance a Kansas where life is cherished at all stages and where Kansas women are provided the strongest protections—not abortion providers.”

During debate on the pro-life resolution in Topeka, one Senator claimed that we didn’t want the rest of our country to see Kansans as backward.

“If it’s ‘backward’ to condemn infanticide, late-term abortion, or removing basic protections for women in abortion law, then we at Family Policy Alliance of Kansas are proud to be ‘backward,’ Jones said.

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