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The group lobbied in Washington DC in January. Pastors representing 17 states rally for Israel on Capitol Hill in January 2024. (photo credit: The Philos Project)

Latino Coalition for Israel meets with Israeli leaders

The Latino Coalition for Israel recently met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other high-ranking officials to show their support for Israel.

“I believe the church and the Jewish people are standing together in an ‘Esther moment’ and are facing a wave of Hamans,” the group’s president, Mario Bramnick, said. “Hamans have arisen not just in Gaza, Lebanon and Iran, but also in the United States and European Union in an attempt to destroy the Jewish people.’

The meeting comes as protests are taking place against Netanyahu who’s popurity has suffered over his handling of the war with Hamas in recent months. U.S Senate Leader Chuck Schumer also called him to resign which set off a diplomatic firestorm.

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“This is our moment. It is for this time that as Christians, like Esther, we have to stand up against these anti-Israel decrees in the month of Adar to raise our voice to reverse every Haman decree against Israel and against the Jewish people.”

The delegates expressed their solidarity to the prime minister not only in the wake of the October 7 attacks but also in support of Israel’s military efforts and in its protection of the sovereignty of Israel in light of U.S. pressure toward a unilateral two-state solution. The faith leaders also received a security briefing and toured key strategic areas, including the Gaza envelope, northern Israel and Judea and Samaria. There was a time of prayer and repentance at the Nova Music Festival in the Gaza corridor to repent for the actions of the U.S. government that led to the massacre.

The delegation stated the need to reject any U.S. or international mandates concerning a permanent settlement with the Palestinians. Such a settlement, if achievable, should be the product of direct negotiations between the concerned parties, devoid of any preconditions. Israel and the United States are fighting a common enemy that wants to destroy not just Israel, but also the Western world.

“I believe there is a spiritual existential threat in America,” Bramnick said. “If we as Americans turn our backs against Israel, we have no hope for God’s favor, grace or protection, only of wrath and judgment.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice


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