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Looking for a way to serve in your second season of life?

If you’ve come to the point in your life, where you are ready to do something in the “eternal” sense and have developed a sense of longing to please God, there’s a wonderful opportunity to serve that you may not have considered.

The Gideons!

Curious? Hang out with the Gideons this Saturday morning for prayer, breakfast and fellowship. We start at 7 a.m. at Big Creek Cafe, 113 Wyoming Street, in historic downtown Pleasant Hill, Mo.

You’ll meet and eat with a group of people who have the same thoughts on this subject. They have elected or rather, been selected, to serve their Father in the time they have left here on this earth.

The Gideons is an International Organization designed to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

We do this at school commencements, graduations, hospitals, hotels and motels, state, city and county fairs and other areas where citizens gather.

It all started several years ago, when a travelling salesman found himself alone, in an ordinary motel room, and in need scriptural guidance.

Alas! There was none.

But this absence led to his thinking, and his thinking led to the a thought that “Hey! I bet this is not the first time this has happened!”

serve            To make a long story short, this led to him purchasing and placing bibles in those locations beginning with that one lonely hotel room. That’s how Gideon Bibles began being placed in hotels.

After answering questions of curious folks, he acquired “brothers” (and now sisters) who shared the same biblically based desires: to ensure that God’s Word was available to all who would seek it, and even to those who might not.

As a result of this initial incentive, Gideons was born.

It has progressed to the point of thousands of members, hundreds of countries, and MILLIONS of Bibles being given away each and every year.

The Bible illuminates to us the fact that, prior to Jesus’ return, all men will have been given the opportunity to share His Word. To realize that means you could play even the smallest role in the eternal salvation of someone’s soul. Isn’t this mind-boggling? It is a fact that thousands of people each year are touched and affected by the Gideons and their Christianity. The stories of salvation are numerous and speak to your very soul.

Women have also joined the organization and now have a central and important part in this mission. They are rudimentary to the success of the Gideons. Their dedication, industriousness, and love are an essential portion of all that is known as Gideon. We will be relating some of these wonderful testimonies in future editions.

For now, if the Lord is touching your soul as you read, please join us.

For information please call 816-738-5598 or 816-600-1469.


–By Dr. Joseph Yacaginsky