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Luncheon to feature business building tips

All business owners want to get the most out of their businesses.

At the May C5 Power Luncheon, Carl Fowler and Marshall Madil will demonstrate what can be accomplished with just a little bit of thought and time focused on what you would like your business image to be in the market place.  In other words, what do your customers think of when they see your “brand?”

The goal of “Branding Your Business” is to jumpstart your thinking and prime your imagination to start on the road to a “brand” for your business that will send your activity to the highest orbit you’ve ever imagined.  And you might be shocked at just how affordable this can be.

Fowler has worked with businesses both large and small.  “You want to make sure that every time and everywhere your business shows up paints a picture of your business that accurately reflects the quality and value of service your business delivers to the customer,” says Fowler.  “And you want to make sure you’re conveying the exact same “brand” every time and everywhere as well.”

The May C5Alive “POWER” Luncheon will be held May 9, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at The Peak, 1920 SW gage Blvd. The cost to attend the luncheon is $10 for C5Alive members and first-time guests who RSVP, and $12 at the door. Non-members and other guests pay $15. C5 luncheons are open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend, organizers said.  RSVPs and inquiries can be sent to info@C5Alive.org.

C5Alive “POWER” luncheons are held on the second Thursday of each month. For more details on these and other events, stay tuned to the C5Alive facebook page and website: www.C5Alive.org

C5Alive is an organization founded in 2009, dedicated to developing and uniting Christian Leadership in the community, involving businesses, non-profits and churches.

In addition to monthly “POWER” luncheons held on the second Thursday of each month, C5 also hosts periodic business fairs and other events, including the annual Topeka Easter Parade and Family Fun Fest, held on N. Kansas Avenue and in Garfield Park on the day before Easter.

C5 members may also sponsor luncheons and other events as a way to promote their organizations.  For more information about C5, go to C5Alive.org, facebook.com/C5Alive, or call 785-640-6399.


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