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Missouri reminds residents to apply for REAL ID as deadline approaches

Missourians who intend to fly later this year are encouraged to apply now for their REAL ID. The Transportation Security Administration will begin requiring the updated IDs this October, according to KMOV-TV in St. Louis.

“Don’t be the person who shows up at the checkpoint with a non-refundable ticket, a non-refundable vacation and you can’t get on your flight,” said Sari Koshetz of the TSA.

The new license includes security enhancements such as “laser perforation” that reveals a hidden image when held to certain types of light.

The REAL ID Act followed the 2001 terrorist attacks and requires that licenses include security enhancements as proof that the holder is legally in the United States. Missouri was one of the last states to roll out REAL ID compliance, partly because of privacy concerns and creating a database that would contain the applicant’s personal information.

In addition, those who run DMV offices say many people are confused about what documents they can and can’t use to get the REAL ID. That’s why the TSA is trying to get the word out and educate the public before the deadline.

Although passports will be accepted in lieu of REAL ID, only 42 percent of Americans have one, and they’re more costly to obtain than a driver’s license. REAL ID identification cards will be needed to get into federal facilities such as military bases or federal courthouses. In order to obtain a REAL ID card, Missouri residents will need several different items as proof of identity and residency.

The Missouri Department of Revenue said it takes a few weeks to mail and process REAL ID applications. The Department of Revenue recommends applying for a Real ID at least a month before traveling.

Applicants can apply at any Missouri license location and need to bring proof of identity, proof of Missouri residency, proof of lawful status in the United States and their social security number. Missouri’s Department of Revenue said transaction and processing fees for new and renewal applications will be the same as they are currently.

More information is available HERE.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice