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New Apple watch will track you “all day”

Consumers increasingly pay big bucks to give away their privacy. Mesmerized by consumerism and shiny new electronic gadgets, do they know what they’re giving up? Now Apple wants you to purchase their watch which will let them know what you are doing all day long.

At the annual Apple product launch event on Wednesday, Apple COO Jeff Williams announced that the new version of the Apple Watch would be able to track the user’s activity all day and could “sample motion data eight times faster.” But Williams did not say how that personal data would be stored.

Williams was explaining the capabilities of the new Apple Watch, which include a next-generation accelerometer and gyroscope that “power important experiences like all-day activity tracking.”

“Series 4 has a next-generation accelerometer and gyroscope with twice the dynamic range, measuring up to 32 g-forces and can sample motion data eight times faster,” Williams said. “You probably have no idea what that means, but that’s okay. We do.”

Williams then touted how the new Apple Watch is able to detect when a user falls and can even place an emergency call, thanks in part to the data that the Apple Watch is collecting.

What does that mean? Well, it means with certain features, Apple will know when you use the restroom, if you are sick or have a headache based on your blood pressure or heart rate, even if you are being intimate. It could hear your conversations and know your movements in your own home.

And it will all be stored on Apple servers for some, as yet, unforeseen future reason. Williams failed to mention how Apple would be storing all the data it collects on individuals who use Apple Watches.

Consumer’s may not realize that Big Brother is closer than they think and in the form of a nifty new watch.