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New Monitor for The Women’s Clinic Makes Big Difference

We all know that when it comes to TV monitors, bigger is always better. A bigger monitor also can be lifesaving, especially if it vividly reveals the little arms, legs and heartbeat of a preborn baby in the womb of an uncertain new mom considering abortion.

Recently, our volunteer nurse sonographer saw a young woman’s heart change before her eyes, due to a newly donated and installed 27-inch monitor in our Grandview ultrasound room. In her words:

“The patient thought she was 13 weeks pregnant, but according to the ultrasound, was actually 15 weeks into her pregnancy. I clearly could see a change of heart as I was doing the ultrasound.

Previously our patients had a very small ultrasound machine screen to look at and had a harder time seeing everything. With the larger screen the baby’s arms, legs and heartbeat were all so much more vivid and clear to see. The young woman smiled as she watched the large image of her baby and I could see her growing excitement about becoming a mom.

I asked her what her decision would be now that she had seen her baby, and she said she was now deciding to parent! I have never experienced so quick a change in a patient’s decision as I did with this girl. I thank God for this new larger screen.”

The big screen literally saved a baby’s life, thanks to the generosity of someone who saw a need and donated funds, a faithful staff member who installed the monitor and a volunteer nurse who lovingly performed the ultrasound. Everyone plays a part in saving lives at The Women’s Clinic of Kansas City.

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