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New podcast series from R.C. Sproul now available

Just in time for the new year, Ligonier Ministries is releasing a new podcast titled “Ultimately with R.C. Sproul.” It features classic teaching moments from Sproul, who died in 2017. It also includes content that has never been released. New episodes will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and listeners can subscribe to the podcast at UltimatelyPodcast.com.

Created to help Christians grow in their knowledge of God and think biblically about the world around them, each episode of “Ultimately with R.C. Sproul” is only a few minutes in length. This helps believers of all ages regain perspective amid the noise of everyday life and focus their thoughts on scriptural truths that matter most.

Chris Larson, president and CEO of Ligonier Ministries, said: “People everywhere, both inside and outside the church, need to know who God is. That is why our founder, Dr. R.C. Sproul, dedicated his decades of ministry to teaching the Bible, helping Christians know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it and how to share it. As our team has mined the deep archives of Dr. Sproul’s teaching to develop this podcast, we have been reminded of the timeless relevance of the truths he conveyed.

“R.C. knew that a novel message would not ultimately help anyone; it is the unchanging truth of Christ that sets us free and anchors us in every season. The Lord raised up R.C. to become one of the most gifted communicators of the Bible and theology in the last century, and we’re privileged through this podcast to bring unique moments from that teaching to people from every age and stage of the Christian life. `Ultimately with R.C. Sproul’ is a podcast to serve the whole church, and we encourage you to share it with believers and nonbelievers alike.”

The first episode of” Ultimately with R.C. Sproul” is now available on Apple PodcastsAmazon MusicGoogle PodcastsiHeartRadioRSSSpotifyStitcher and TuneIn, and is coming soon to RefNet.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice