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New Year’s Celebration for Singles

By Dwight Widaman |

It is often said that loneliness is not an absence of people but an absence of purpose; and that once you find your purpose, you will attract the people needed to fulfill the purpose of God on your life. In a world and a church that largely caters to couples and families, where do single adults turn for fellowship, laughter, and Christian activities outside of their church community?

For many, Christmas and New Year’s are the most difficult time of the year. Activities are often built around family and couple gatherings. Singles often feel like a third-wheel, or worse– alone and forgotten.

If those feelings sound familiar, it could be that you are ready for your 2015 Genesis moment to begin that will end the cycle of loneliness and lack of purpose in your life.

Some Kansas City’s single believers are experiencing something they consider ground-breaking. A small network of single adults have come together to begin “Genesis”. As their logo suggests, it’s a place to begin, belong and become.

Although Genesis is only in the preliminary stages of their ministry, they have an enormous launch event planned for New Year’s Eve. They are inviting singles between the ages of 40 and 60 to join them for a celebration. The event will be held 8 p.m. to Midnight on New Year’s Eve at Winterset Park Club House, 2505 SW Wintercreek Dr., in Lee’s Summit. A live D.J. will keep the things lively as everyone enjoys great music, the dance floor, mixer games, karaoke, dance lessons, photo booth, Chipotle buffet, prizes and more.

Genesis has been building its success through a series of activities meant to bring singles together for plutonic Christian fellowship with a lot of fun and laughter mixed in.

“This is the first time I got out among other singles since the loss of my husband a year ago. I had forgotten what it was like to laugh,” states Kathy, a new attendee. “I enjoyed talking with friends who identified with some of the struggles I’m facing.”

The ministry wants to serve adults 40 years of age and older who find themselves at an unexpected turning point in their life. For some, a new beginning was forced upon them through the death of a spouse. For others, an unexpected divorce has turned their life in another direction. But don’t limit this group’s needs to only the challenges of those divorced or widowed. There are many singles that find themselves at a new beginning as they enter a new chapter of a health crisis or financial bankruptcy. A ‘genesis’ in life is simply a new starting point, a new beginning. And the Genesis ministry is available for singles to blaze this new trail together, not alone.

The Genesis leadership says they’re fueled by a desire to help and love those that are on a new journey and often hurting in the process. Times of prayer, Bible study and social events allow single adults to forge great friendships and give them a genuine sense of belonging during a season of their life when they feel vulnerable and alone. If you are single and ready for a genesis in your life or you know someone who is, introduce them to Genesis. The New Year’s Celebration is the perfect opportunity to begin.

For more information visit www.GenesisKC.com