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NFL players team up to raise awareness of human trafficking

Although Kansas City fans are excited about Sunday’s Super Bowl, large events of this type often have a dark side as well, such as a spike in human trafficking. Several NFL players are working to raise awareness.

In an Instagram video, Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins asked people to join “Team Freedom” and do their part to stop human trafficking. Cousins, along with other NFL players, such as New England Patriots’ Jason and Devin McCourtys and Philadelphia Eagles’ Zack Ertz, are collecting pledges from people who want to see human traffickers locked up and off the streets.


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“I think about how fragile my boys are and to think that anybody would take advantage of them or harm them, it makes my blood boil to think that does happen to young people all over the world in the tens of millions,” Cousins said “It’s disturbing.”

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The Institute for Sport and Social Justice’s “Shut Out Trafficking” program reports that there’s an increase of reported trafficking incidents in the United States around January and February, which is when the Super Bowl takes place. Entertainment and sporting events generate an increase in labor opportunities, including an influx of human trafficking.

“At this point, you know what’s truth and you know what’s not,” he said. “And so for me, I’ve been around International Justice Mission long enough to know that some things come and go, but the work that IJM is doing, the difference they’re making, that goes way before any theories and it will be here long after. The only reason that it wouldn’t be is if the work is finished, which is certainly a dream.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice