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Our readers share their binge-worthy entertainment

We are listing alternate activities for our readers since events are cancelled across the country. Like you, we are getting accustomed to the new normal. We asked our readers to give us a “binge-worthy” TV or streaming suggestion that is PG family friendly. This is what our readers suggested.

Ann-Margret from Montreal, Québec has been enjoying Monk on Amazon Prime because it is clean and funny. Adrian Monk is a brilliant detective who has a compulsive disorder that has unexpected results in solving crime cases. After eight seasons we finally find out who murdered his wife. It’s the best finale ever!


Cyndie from Kansas City suggests The Chosen because “it feels like we are really getting a sneak peek into the lives of those around Jesus.” It is streamed on Facebook, YouTube, or The Chosen app. The Chosen is a multi-season, multi-episode series that tells of the life of Jesus. It would be great to watch during leading up to Easter.


Cynthia and Mike from Pleasanton, Kan. like Call the Midwife which was originally broadcasted on PBS is also on Prime. It’s a British series based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth about a convent of medically trained midwives serving people living in the slums in London’s East End, chronicling the events of the 1950s and 1960s.


Steve from Carmel, Indiana recommends Father Knows Best on Amazon Prime. Steve says, “It’s a wonderful family-friendly show to binge on; its characters experience wonderful moral lessons while they inhabit its stories.” A classic sitcom for sure!




Lee from Topeka suggests This is Us on NBC.com. “I enjoy it because it is about family and how they support each other in many circumstances,” states Lee.   Something we need to practice during this time.   The series follows the Pearson family of three siblings and their parents through present storyline and flashbacks. The comedic drama shows how the smallest event shapes our present lives.


Rachel from Grove, Oklahoma endorses the new version of Lost in Space. “We love this show because it has you on the edge of your seat,” says Rachel.” The Robinson family is traveling to a space colony when their spaceship is thrown off course and lands on an alien planet. They find dangers and have to work together to survive! You’ll find it on Prime.

Next week for our readers, we’ll be highlighting your suggested “binge-worthy” activities to get us through cabin fever that is setting in. Email me HERE to give me your favorite thing to do these days.

For trailers of the above shows, see below.

–Anita Widaman | Metro Voice