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Propaganda, fake news and bias

If you google “propaganda defined” you get this definition: derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. You go to Webster and you see two more things: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person; and ideas, facts (not truth), or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause.

Propaganda uses words, visuals, and speech to invoke an emotional response or sway someone’s opinion. It is a dangerous thing. In a free society, propaganda must be allowed to an extent otherwise we lose freedom; but if unchecked by truth, it can destroy a person, a family, a cause, and even a nation. The lawful term for this crime is libel or slander.

Our Founding Fathers understood this and had placed one of their few hopes upon an unbiased media to dig out the truth in order to keep the public informed so that truth and justice remained supreme in our land. How would this media go about this? They needed to answer all the necessary questions to find the truth: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

In the old days of the media, no news would be published without at least two credible sources which did not include anyone with a personal vendetta against someone. The reporters had facts they needed to prove was truth. Anything was fiction or in today’s world propaganda. When the media became corrupted into a propaganda tool is a subject that can be debated by a more scholarly article, but media corruption can be traced back to at least the Antebellum South and probably further back. This is about the power of propaganda.

In mid-June, news broke out about a scandalous conspiracy taken place inside our government in attempt to sway an election for a candidate more to their liking. Not much was said about it. Why? Photos emerge of children being separated from their parents. They blamed it on Trump’s immigration policy.

The photos moved many people to tears. Their emotions were roused to push them to action. Once driven by emotion, the chances of the truth guiding people became slim to none. Propaganda trumps truth.

As in all things published by the media, I don’t react. I sit back and figure out the truth which tends to come out slowly after the furor of people’s emotions has come to a boil. People from both sides of the aisle cry out something must be done for the children. People like Paul Ryan and Glen Beck shout out solutions which may or may not work only to be shut down by the other side because all that they want is to cast blame. Solutions would end the crises and according to Saul Alinsky, “Never let a crises go to waste.”

First look at the who. These are people who come to these country illegally. That makes them criminals. Their children are taken away from them because they broke the law just like every other criminal in our great country.

Why? In 1997, Bill Clinton signed a law that made it so. The reasoning was they hoped that it would deter illegal immigration because of a law that allowed children not from Mexico to come to our country and be allowed to stay therefore anchoring them for the rest of their family to come to our country. It didn’t. In fact, it got worse. Under G.W. Bush another law was passed to go along with the Clinton bill in order to stop human traffickers from using these children to get into the U.S.  The human traffickers once inside would use or sell these children as slave labor and other more abhorrent things. Something that became very apparent under the Obama administration as thousands of children were let loose in America in the hands of human traffickers (source NY Magazine a liberal publication).  The law got its teeth from the Ninth District Court (the most liberal set of judges in America) ruled in favor of the law.

What is going on is children are getting separated from their “families” in order to determine whether or not these adults (criminals) are actually their real family or human traffickers. Remember many of these parent send their children up to our nation alone. Some mothers prepare their daughter for this trip by giving them birth control so that they don’t get pregnant. Drug cartels often use these people as drug mules. To protect the kids from the bad guys, some do need to be separated in order to validate truth from the lies.

“But they are seeking asylum!” my liberal friends say. The governor of Texas has stated that there are entrances for those seeking asylum. This is well known by those seeking asylum yet they chose to cross illegally anyway. Are they really seeking asylum or are they trying to come here illegally to benefit from our country without doing things the right way? Which is why they separate the kids. Is it sad that it happens? My opinion is yes; but if they followed the rules, it would not happen in the first place.

Why would anyone want a people who do not want to obey our laws to get here to stay here and actively break our laws? America needs law abiding citizens not more criminals from another country.

These laws have been in effect for over twenty years. No one cared about it until it was politically expedient to sabotage a political rival. This is not a Trump policy. This is an American law. It is the duty of the POTUS to enforce the law whether he likes it or not. Congress writes it. The Supreme Court interprets it. That’s the way the system is supposed to work. Trump broke the system and the law when he signed an executive order stopping this and amazingly (not really) still is getting the blame as he did not do anything to stop it.

Thus reason for the propaganda. It’s not about the kids. It never was. It’s about getting Trump. It’s about attacking those who work for him and voted him into office. All this at the same time we learned that the FBI broke and/ or ignored the law in order to protect Hillary Clinton and stop Trump during the election. This is not a coincidence.

It saddens me how quickly people have fallen into the trap of propaganda. Good people want to fight for these kids even if there source of information is false. A picture is worth a thousand words, but pictures can lie too.

The response to this writing by those who disagree will be to say that I am a racist. Those who accuse me will probably be white liberals. I am not. I am Hispanic, but more importantly an American and proud of it. I understand what’s going on more than others. There is a conscious effort by those south of the border to flood this country with illegals in order to bankrupt our nation and enrich themselves and take our land. We have many in power in our nation who want the same things. They will use our good heart and intentions to destroy our nation. Beware the power of Propaganda.


  • George Ismael Feliu, Jr.


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