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Senator Hawley: 74 million Americans are not going to ‘shut up’

Senator Josh Hawley, (R-MO) didn’t mince words Wednesday in Homeland Security Committee hearings on alleged voting irregularities in the 2020 election. Hawley said voters he’s talked to are angry and “not crazy” for thinking there was rampant fraud that affected the outcome.

Watch a clip below as well as the full hearing.

“I was talking with some of the constituents back at home–a group of about 30 people–and every single one of them told me they felt they had been disenfranchised, that their votes didn’t matter and that the election had been rigged,” said Hawley. “These are normal, reasonable people. These are not crazy people, these are reasonable people, who by the way, have been involved in politics. They’ve won, they’ve lost, they’ve seen it all. These are normal folks, living normal lives, who firmly believe they have been disenfranchised.”

“After four years of being told the last election was fake and that Donald Trump wasn’t really elected and that Russia intervened–after four years of that now these same people are told ‘you just sit down and shut up. If you have any concerns about election integrity you’re a nutcase, you should shut up.’ Well, I’ll tell you what, 74 million Americans are not going to shut up,” said Hawley. “Telling them that their views don’t matter and that their concerns don’t matter and that they should just be quiet is not a recipe for success in this country, is not a recipe for the unity I now hear the other side is suddenly so interested in after years and years of trying to delegitimize President Donald Trump.”

Hawley joins a growing number of election officials and cybersecurity experts who have presented evidence they claim shows vote tampering by the Domino company and local officials in four counties.

Hawley also made a compelling case for how the mainstream media and members of the Democratic party demanded transparency in our elections and government when it came to the Russia collusion story, however, when Republicans want to investigate election fraud they need to be silent and move on.

Watch the full hearing here:

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