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Sight & Sound Theatre Jesus

Sight & Sound Theatre will broadcast production of “Jesus” on TBN

Many Branson visitors have enjoyed lavish productions at Sight & Sound Theatre. The company plans to broadcast its production of “Jesus” on TBN on May 13, for one night only. The production focuses on the people whom Jesus came in contact with when he walked the earth and how he rescued them, from the Apostle Peter to Mary Magdalene.

“We’re thrilled to share this special encore television broadcast of ‘Jesus’ on TBN,” Josh Enck, Sight & Sound’s chief creative officer stated. “You may not be able to attend a theatrical event or worship services just yet, but audiences can still witness the greatest rescue story ever told as it comes to life on screen.”

More than a million people have watched the live performance of “Jesus” at Sight & Sound’s theater in Lancaster, Pa., and the entertainment company had planned to release “Jesus” on the big screen over Easter weekend. However, with movie theaters around the country being shut down because of government lockdowns in response to the coronavirus outbreak, the entertainment company opted to offer it for free on TBN. According to the company, nearly three million people tuned in Easter weekend for the worldwide debut.

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“Sight & Sound’s ‘Jesus’ show premiered in 2018 and ran for two years, and the way it was produced was so cinematic in nature with the 300-foot wrap-around stage that it adapted perfectly to the screen,” Enck said. “When we saw it on the screen as a finished product, we were blown away by it. We’re so passionate about it, because this story needs to be out there, told in this fresh new way.”

Katie Miller, corporate communications manager for Sight & Sound, said the production resonates with so many viewers because of its personal touch.

“We meet so many characters and learn the story of who they were both before and after they encounter Jesus,” she said. “After watching the show, so many people came to us and said, ‘That’s my story. That’s how Jesus rescued me.’ Act One is about individual rescues from the Bible; Act Two is about our rescue.

“I think that’s one of the most inspiring and unexpected things that came out of that show. People saw themselves in the characters and in the way that Jesus was meeting every single person, right where they were at, and bringing to them what they needed to be rescued.”

The production can be seen on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) on Wednesday, May 13 at 8 p.m. Central Time. You can also watch live online through the TBN website/app. Visit jesusevent.com for more information

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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