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Small, unexpected things can bring happiness, new poll finds

Happiness seems to be in short supply with all of the turmoil in the world today. The good news is that small, unexpected things can bring a smile when it’s needed most, a new poll found.

For example, more than one-third of people relish being allowed to jump ahead in line at the grocery store or hearing a favorite song on the radio. More winners include being able to drive through a string of green lights, catching a familiar smell from childhood and finding a treasured lost item.

“The nicest things are those that are totally unexpected,” a spokesperson for the British company that conducted the poll told Fox News. “And they don’t have to be big things — sometimes little moments lead to big smiles. I’d imagine the joy is doubled if you get a run of green lights while your favorite track plays on the radio.”

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The study found that unexpectedly delightful things happen to people an average of twice a week, with 78 percent saying that when they do occur, it automatically puts them in a good mood, SWNS. Three-fourths also said that making others happy improves their mood.

These are the top 30 things that bring happiness, according to the poll.

  1. Finding money in a coat or jeans pocket
  2. Getting a surprise refund
  3. Receiving a compliment from a stranger
  4. Having someone let you jump in line at the supermarket
  5. Hearing your favorite song on the radio
  6. Receiving a bonus at work
  7. Getting constant green lights on the road
  8. Hearing your baby’s first word
  9. Receiving unexpected affection from your partner
  10. Being understood by someone else when you’re talking
  11. Encountering a familiar smell from your childhood
  12. Hearing from a loved one randomly that they’re proud of you
  13. Finding a treasured lost item
  14. Waking up before your alarm goes off and getting to sleep longer
  15. Getting upgraded, such as on a flight or at a hotel
  16. Thinking it’s Thursday when it’s actually Friday
  17. Having a child start a conversation with you
  18. Receiving a postcard in the mail
  19. Hitting the exact number when getting gas
  20. Arriving home from work to find that a loved one has already cooked dinner
  21. Having a work meeting get canceled at the last minute because the boss isn’t in
  22. Seeing a car’s funny license plate
  23. Being asked for ID
  24. Receiving breakfast in bed from a partner or loved one
  25. Saying the same thing as your friend at the same moment — and having it happen again
  26. Hearing from your teenager that he or she wants to spend quality time with you
  27. Receiving a gift of baked goods from a neighbor
  28. Bumping into an old schoolteacher — who recognizes you
  29. Catching the eye of a favorite musician during the person’s live performance
  30. Witnessing a marriage proposal in public

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