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Middle East war won’t stop the gospel says John Piper

Despite the turmoil in the Middle East, God is still in control, pastor and author John Piper said in response to a question on a recent podcast. He referenced Matthew 24:5-14, in which Jesus talks about “wars and rumors of wars,” as well as that, leading up to the end times, “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations.”

His comments come as CNN reported the U.S. really is involved in a regional Middle East war.

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Iranian cruise missile. Photo: Mohammad Delkesh
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“This connection makes plain ‘wars and rumors of wars’ will not stop God’s mission,” Piper said. “The mission will be completed in spite of, sometimes because of, nation rising against nation. Whatever disruptions in missions are caused by wars and rumors of wars, the words of Jesus stand firm. Wars and rumors of wars will not stop world evangelization.”

Piper then turned to history, noting that many prominent missionary organizations and efforts that were founded in Europe and the United States during the Civil War. He also pointed to other major conflicts and how revivals and evangelistic organizations were launched, even as the world found itself dealing with major military conflicts. Examples included how the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association was founded during World War I, Wycliffe Bible Translators was launched during World War II and the World Evangelical Alliance and Campus Crusade for Christ were organized during the Korean War.

“This is just a tiny taste of the truth that wars and rumors of wars are not going to stop God’s promise to complete the task of world missions,” he said. “So this is what the Lord has been using recently in my life to strengthen my heart and encourage me to press on in this great work.”

Piper’s comments come as the conflict in the Middle East appears to be expanding. The United States recently launched strikes on the Iran-backed Houthi militia group in Yemen, while Lebanon-based Hezbollah has been launching missile attacks on Israel.  On Sunday, three U.S. service members were killed and 34 injured in a drone strike at a base in northeast Jordan near the Syria border. This marked the 160th attack on U.S. troops since mid-October.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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