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Michael Tait holds a puppy he found in a parking lot while on the road. He adopted the pup. Photo: MT Instagram.

Newsboys’ Michael Tait on lows and highs faith journey

Michael Tait of the Christian group Newsboys has remained faithful to God for decades despite the many twists and turns of life.

His most recent project is “I Believe In Christmas,” a collection of Christmas songs aimed at encouraging people. He recently discussed his faith journey and the lessons he has learned with CBN. “One big thing I’ve learned is just to stay true to who you are when you’re doing what you do,” he said.

As for what’s kept Tait going for so long in the music industry, he credited the “power of the almighty God,” saying he believes his music gets stronger and more creative as he ages. The singer also shared details about the origins of his faith journey, noting he was late to fully accept Christ, despite his father being a pastor.

“Dad was also a cab driver, so he drove cabs and then preached church on Sunday,” he said. “If you got in my dad’s cab, there was a good chance you were going to be saved in more ways than one.”

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When he was 17 or 18, a preacher came to his school and spoke about the “subject of hell and how real hell is, and how beautiful heaven is.”

“He preached on what preachers don’t preach about much anymore,” Tait said. “You can’t get saved on the back of your dad or your mom; it’s not osmosis. It’s a thing we have to be one-on-one with God. I got fired up that day, man — pun intended. I got fired up, and I went forward for prayer and accepted God for myself as my savior that day in high school.”

Like any Christian, Tait, who is the brother of Kansas City-based performer and women’s conference leader Lynda Randle, said he has had his “moments” throughout his journey with Jesus, noting, “we’re sinners saved by grace.” But he said God has been faithful to him throughout his life. “When I’ve been grossly unfaithful,” Tait said, “he keeps bringing me back to the cross.”

Tait made his first Grand Ole Opry debut Dec. 15.

–Alan Goforth


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