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It’s time to stand up against evil, Eric Metaxas tells American Christians

Eric Metaxas, the popular author and radio host, is calling on Christians to take a stand against evil in the current culture.

“It’s up to believers to speak up for what is right and good and true, and to bring our faith into the public square; not to be afraid of politics — to get involved in politics — because this is one of the ways God has given us to effect change,” he says. “And I think a lot of people are more worried about being liked. They think that being a Christian means ‘I don’t argue with people; I’m winsome all the time.’ And sometimes you have to battle.”

Metaxas, who rose to national prominence for the bestselling 2011 biography “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy,” warned that as Christian leaders in Germany largely failed to stand against the rise of the Nazi regime that unleashed worldwide horrors, many American Christians are not sufficiently resisting the rising evil in the culture now.

He said he fears that the United States could face similar judgments if American Christians do not stand up. That Germans suffered because they didn’t listen to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and similar voices “is precisely God’s message to the American Church today, to stand against the evil,” he said.

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Metaxas told the Christian Post believes many evangelical churches in the United States have drifted into a fundamental misunderstanding of what the scripture says regarding the duty of Christians to have an impact on their culture, which he said poses a danger in the face of rising cultural evil. Too many Christians seemingly believe that their theological beliefs are sufficient, but he noted that scripture demands that we put our faith into action.

“The point is, if you believe those things — if you actually do believe those things — you will behave differently,” he said. “It’s impossible not to behave differently.”

He pinpointed some of the issues that are tearing the nation apart as consequences of such a worldview.

“Open borders, transgender madness, rampant crime, a two-tiered justice system, parents being divided from their kids, insane trans ideology being forced, drag queen story hour,” Metaxas said. “No matter where you look, you see this kind of madness. If the church does not rise against it to bring God’s eyes into the cultural sphere, then evil wins. And evil does win when the church steps back. It happened in Germany.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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