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The doctrines of Black Lives Matter

Since the murder of George Floyd, there is an increasing pressure for people to affirm that Black Lives Matter. Many pastors and Christians have gone out of their way to assert that Black Lives Matter and attack those who would say All Lives Matter as racist. Should Christians be a part of BLM? The truth is most people do not understand what the movement is really about. They are ignorant to the doctrines being taught to their followers.

Much like the Masons of old, the deeper you go into the belief structures of BLM, the more terrifying it becomes. It is the spiritual grandchild of Malcolm X (a Muslim and a Marxist) and child of Louis Farrakhan (Antisemitic Leader of the Black Muslims or Nation of Islam, a group so bad that Islamists call them a cult) and Ameer Hassan Loggins (Muslim convert who believes himself to be a modern-day Malcom X). What did they teach? The religion that leads to black liberation is Islam. Capitalism is a system of oppression. The history of America is an act of violence. Does any of this sound familiar?

Most organizations like this have their different layers: the sheep (those are the ignorant who join out of curiosity or because they think this is a righteous cause), the foot soldiers [the ones who cause the violence (Sheep in early transformation stage to soldier can often be found with them)], the rabble rousers (They stir the pot getting people angry ex. Hollywood elitist, preachers, politicians, and celebrities like Colin Kaepernick), and finally the inner circle which are the driving force and creators of the doctrine of the movement.

We begin with the outer layer which is given to the new members of the BLM movement and can be found on their website. The first few paragraphs are lies with some half-truths which are still lies. That nugget of truth gives them credibility in some eyes.

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The truth to counter their lies would take a book but here are a few. Zimmerman, a Cuban, was an overzealous Democrat who killed Trayvon Martin, a troublemaker expelled from school, who happened to be beating on Zimmerman at the time because he thought Martin may have been part of a series of break-ins in the neighborhood.  The media lied. People got angry. BLM took advantage later on.

Then Mike Brown after robbing a convenience store was shot by an officer who also was defending his life as Brown went after his gun. “Hands up. Don’t shoot” was never said, which Attorney Eric Holder failed to prove in his own investigation. Again the Media lied. BLM also admits to join up with other likeminded groups without mentioning their name (ANTIFA). They touted that they brought peace and prosperity to Ferguson. They actually brought death and destruction that Ferguson still has not recovered from.

From there, BLM states their goal is “the liberation for all Black People.” Who is oppressing them? White people, of course. When you go deeper, there is strong hatred toward Jews too.

BLM says they are committed to healing; but all they want to do is stir up rage and wrath with lies. They say they want to create a culture alongside their comrades where all voices are heard; but in reality, it is culture that silences any who dare to disagree with them. I find interesting the use of comrade, a communist term.

BLM says they respect and celebrate differences except of course if you are White, Jew, Asian, or hold Judeo-Christian Values. They want justice for Black People in that all crimes committed by Black people are justified. If you have not noticed, each death they rally around is that of a criminal. Then they talk of the struggle (Marxist term) and their plan to restore things as they should be. (Note: the state of Ferguson and soon Minneapolis). A higher meaning in the deeper circle is the Black Domination of the world which can be found in their next sentence.

BLM is “unapologetically Black in our positioning.” This is basically a declaration that they are a political party for Black People and Black People alone. It is impossible for a white person to be a true member of BLM, but they will take your money. Also freedom and justice for black people is the prerequisite which means they are the priority.

Their next two paragraphs point to their global goals as well as state their stance on the LGTBQ movement. They seek a one world government for their “Black Family.” They defend those illegally here in America which shows their desire for open borders.

With transgenders, they must take predominance over all other people with this mental disorder and are against anything that contradicts their existence as normal. They also claim to want to “disrupt” (drastically alter or destroy the structure) the American Nuclear Family. BLM wants to create a world no longer centered around men as they destroy the patriarchal society. They want to free the Black Community of “heteronormative thinking” (“belief that all in the world are heterosexual”).

BLM is clearly against these Biblical principles of gender, marriage, and family. They also seek a one world government which pits them against the USA; but the deeper you go, the darker it gets. New initiates are sent a plethora of materials, writings and videos, with the sole purpose of indoctrination; and much like Islam, it produces anger which grows to rage and wrath.

Once enraged, the initiate is most susceptible to the end goals. Thus begins the transformation from peaceful protester to violent agitators. Here they learn the need to eliminate “white privilege” and “Jewish privilege.” It is here that the doctrines of Black Muslims also known as the Nation of Islam or Black Theology are inserted into the pupils head. All three names are a combination of Islamic teachings and Marxist principles although Black Theology wraps it in a pseudo-Christian wrapper. In any case, the doctrine of black superiority is key as well as the elimination of the Jewish problem and subjugation of the white.

The peaceful protester can be reached. The angry protesters is so enraged they no longer can be reasoned with. Then next layer is the indoctrinated. The final layer know the truth and deny it.

Black Lives Matter is not about saving black lives. It is a political movement bent on inflicting anarchy until it reaches its true goal of a socialist (tyrannical) government run by those who lead Black Lives Matter. It is also a religious movement indoctrinating its followers in Islam preaching that Islam is the liberation of the Black people of the world. Either way, it is a movement Christians need to stay far away from.

– George Ismael Feliu