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good men do nothing

When good men do nothing

What happens when good men do nothing? Edmund Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

In the 1930’s, the likes of FDR and his think tank bemoaned their jealousy of how Hitler and Mussolini were able to institutionalize socialism in their perspective countries. They kept silent when they joined with their favorite, Joseph Stalin in conquering Poland. It took Hitler turning on communist Russia to make FDR and the Democrat party turn on Germany, Italy, and their new ally Japan. By that time, the Axis Powers had an iron grip on Europe.

What happens when good men do nothing? Good men did nothing and the world was plunged into another world war. The Nazis disarmed and murdered six million Jews. Millions more died setting Europe free except Eastern Europe was not free.

General “I like Ike” halted the Allied advance on the Axis powers in order to allow Russia the chance to get to Berlin and help in the taking of Germany and therefore the spoils of war. He did it because FDR loved Uncle Joe (Stalin) and his communist ally Russia. This same Russia who allowed Poland to win their freedom on their own before coming and obliterating a weakened victorious Polish people.

Eisenhower did it for political gain. Both Patton and MacArthur campaigned for a continuance of the war to finish off the last vestige of Marxism, Communist Russia. Patton was dismissed, and MacArthur was banished to Asia. Good men did nothing for political expediency, and the USSSR enslaved all of Eastern Europe with an Iron Curtain.

Our Chinese allies fought long and hard against Japanese aggression. They suffered through the battles and the casualties while the Chinese communist Mao Tse Tung, backed by Russia, sat back and waited to strike at the winner. (Sound familiar?) Chaing Kai-shek, leader of Nationalist China, begged his ally America for aide against their common communist foe. America sick of fighting, fearing Russia, and not caring responded with “Make Love Not War,” an anthem many of the greatest generation’s children would rally around just a few years later.

Good men did nothing. China, the largest nation in the world, fell to Communist hands plunging Asia into decades of bloodshed, death, and war. A few of our Chinese allies fled to Taiwan, the true Republic of China, who would later be betrayed by the Nixon Administration in order to create a divide between China and Russia. To this day Asians suffer from our lack of action.

In the USA, good men did nothing. Our enemy, Russia had their people firmly entrenched in the Democrat Party. As more and more Russia spies were revealed in the inner workings of our government, the Democrat Party in FDR and Truman dug in and gave these people more government access as well as power in our country which led to Russia gaining the power of the atom. They also used these people to create the United Nations.

Again, good men did nothing. China backed a communist takeover of all of Korea. General Douglas MacArthur led our forces in victory after victory until we reached China. Truman, ever a supporter of the UN who were ever supporters of our enemies Communist China and Russia, ordered MacArthur to retreat back to dividing line. MacArthur seeing who the true enemy was refused. He was winning so he was removed. Korea remains divided to this day and North Korea remains one of our greatest enemies along with China and Russia.

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Good men died in Vietnam. Not because they could not win, but because the Democrat Party did not want us to win. For the first time, the Party and Media openly joined hand in hand in opposing the work of good men to stop evil from spreading. They controlled the major institutions of education and indoctrinated them with communist propaganda and hate America first mentality. Our soldier never lost a major conflict in Vietnam despite being handicapped by Congress. The UN proved my point in their desire to strengthen their communist allies of Russia and China as they did nothing to protect the free South Vietnamese after America left the country. (Side Note: The leader of South Vietnam was a good man painted in a bad light by propaganda making liberal media – something repeated much throughout history.)

Iran, the nation formally known as Persia, has an interesting history. They chose the name Iran to show solidarity with the Nazis Aryan race and goal to exterminate all Jews. By the seventies, things had changed. The Shah of Iran hated the communists (Russia and China), but he loved America. He loved their freedom and ideals. He desired his nation to be more like us.

Obviously, the Left hated that. They smeared him. They turned public opinion against him. They wanted a pro-Russian regime. They got it with the overthrow of the Shah. Iran was now an Islamic Republic, ally to Communist Russia and enemy to America. This new tyrannical government was met with praise by the Left as they stripped women of basic freedom and destroyed any semblance of free speech and religion. Sharia was the law of the land and defiance was often meant with death after some torture much like their communist brethren in Russia.

Much to the chagrin of the Left, Iran stormed the American Embassy and embarrassed America during a Democrat presidency much like under Obama. Carter spoke of the end of America’s greatness and the new world order of a communist (Russia) led world, then good men did something under Ronald Reagan.

Communist Russia collapsed after Reagan pushed them to the brink. The wall fell. Freedom spread. Then good men did nothing.

Clinton became President. Bin Laden orchestrated the bombing the World Trade Center. An ally offered Clinton Bin Laden, but Clinton refused to take him. Bin Laden attacked the World Trade Center once more and succeeded in its utter destruction.

America once again went to war. A new Axis of Evil was declared: Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. We won in Afghanistan and quickly won in Iraq. An evil man in Suddam Hussein died. Iran fought a proxy war from two sides in Iraq and Syria, but thanks to an antiwar Left with their propaganda filled media America lost its will to fight. Again, good men did nothing.

ISIS rose from the ashes of our enemies whose ranks were filled by Obama releasing top Al-Qaida leaders from Gitmo. Again a President declared America’s best days were behind them. Libya fell to the enemy and Americans died in Benghazi. Syria became a quagmire. Iran was emboldened and enriched with billions by a willing President.

Today, America’s greatest enemies (China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia) are in power in one way or another because good men did nothing. After Iran orchestrated an attack on our Iraqi embassy, Trump ordered Soleimani to be taken out. Our media attacked our President and defended an evil man who had more evil plans against our country. They went as far as to praise that vile butcher. The Left has continually sided with evil men.

2020 should not just be about “Keeping America Great,” 2020 needs to be a year where good men and women do something.

–George Ismael Feliu, Jr.