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23 Christmas memories and today’s realities to remember in 2023.

Here are 23 memories of Christmas and their modern-day realities.

By:  Anne Foley Rauth

  1. Santa in 1973: Looking for your letter to Santa in the hometown newspaper and knowing that Santa would read it only when it was published here and no where else.
  2. Santa in 2004: Submitting your sons’ letters to Santa to the very same newsletter that would always publish your letter.
  3. Christmas card in 2004: Crafting the annual family Christmas letter, called the “Rauth Reporter.”
  4. Christmas card in 2023: Simplifying your life and just sending a family Christmas photo.
  5. Santa photo in 1970: Receiving a Polaroid photo in your small town with Santa Claus, complete with your long curls and wearing a pink dress.
  6. Santa photo starting in 1998: Taking Christmas photos with Santa Claus every year at Crown Center with our own sons, but alas, no more matching outfits.
  7. Christmas goodies in 1975: Baking Christmas cookies to take to parties and give to family is a fun and appropriate Christmas gift.
  8. Christmas goodies in 2023: Learning that Topsy’s popcorn, with a quick flick of the send button, is a welcome snack and no cooking needed.
  9. Christmas Shopping in 1998: Searching and traveling from store to store searching for the perfect gift for family just like Jesus was the perfect gift.
  10. Christmas Shopping in 2020: The pandemic taught us about a website called Amazon.  I started letting my fingers do the walking at Amazon.com.
  11. Christmas Clothes in 1984: Getting a Christmas sweater that was beautiful, with a fancy design and sequins.
  12. Christmas Clothes in 2023: Donating that beautiful sweater to the thrift store because, well, “ugly” sweaters are the in thing.
  13. Weather wanted in 1978: Hoping and praying for snow on Christmas and before Christmas so we could get “snow days.”
  14. Weather wanted in 2023: Hoping and praying for warm temperatures on Christmas and even if there is snow, snow days may never happen again.
  15. Christmas Carols 1983: Excitedly waiting for Christmas songs to play on the radio.
  16. Christmas Carols 2023: Going to Pandora and picking out Christmas songs any day of the year.
  17. Christmas meal in 1979:  Composed of stuffing, mashed potatoes, the more starch the better
  18. Christmas meal in 2023:  Less starch the better.
  19. Christmas Movies in 1975:  You had one opportunity to catch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” on television.
  20. Christmas Flicks in 2023:  How many Christmas movies can you watch from the Hallmark channel or stream on demand?
  21. Christmas Gifts in 1981: Made my list and checked it twice while reviewing the Sears Christmas Wish Book catalogue.
  22. Christmas Gifts in 2023: Realized it is more blessed to give than to receive.
  23. The ONE thing that never changes:  Jesus is the greatest gift for every Christmas, past present and future.

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